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Three Chinese kings have mysteriously disappeared, some are suspected of “passage”

The three emperors disappeared in the most mysterious way in history, the third is believed to be “in the air”. These are the three emperors who leave the most mysteries in history about their existence. They are missing unexplained, even the third person is told by people to have “crossed the air”.

China with 5000 years of civilization, before the destruction of the Qing, has always been an absolute monarchy, and the monarchy was the emperor we often call it. From the time Qin Shihuang unified China until the fall of the Qing Dynasty, a total of 352 emperors have been crowned, but China’s volatile history not only has kings that everyone knows but also. they leave, are they “passed”?

Code number 1: Liu Xia – The emperor has the shortest reign in the history of the Western Han Dynasty, only 27 days

Liu Xia is the grandson of Emperor Han Wu Luu Triet. Liu Triet opened up the largest territory of the Han Dynasty and created “the flourishing era of Wuhan”, one of the three great eras in Chinese history. Luu Ha is an insatiable and obscene man who gossips and likes to gamble without learning. In 74 BC, Emperor Han Chieu Liu Phat Lang passed away, as Chieu De had no son, so the next Han monarch of the Han Dynasty was passed down to Liu Xia thanks to the support of the grand master Hoac Quang. After acceding to the throne, Liu Xia still does not change his nature, ignoring political affairs, just enjoys having fun drinking with his favorite concubine. Soon after, Hoac Quang discussed Luu Ha’s deposition with the dignitaries and at the same time informed the Queen Dowager. After hearing this, the Empress Dowager reluctantly agreed and summoned Liu Xia, sending soldiers to guard. Liu Xia was deposed after only 27 days and is called the deposed emperor of the Han Dynasty. After being exiled to Xuong Ap, since then, the human world has not heard from him.

Code 2: Ton Luong – News of the resumption of government in the ears of the enemy has yet to be defeated

Ton Luong, the 2nd Emperor of the Ngô during the Three Kingdoms Period, was the youngest (seventh) son of Phan Hoang Hau and Ngo Dai Ton Quyen, but based on the charismatic queen, was soon established. in position. In 252 AD.

Ton Luong, the 2nd Emperor of the Ngô during the Three Kingdoms Period, was the youngest (seventh) son of Phan Hoang Hau and Ngo Dai Ton Quyen, but based on the charismatic queen, was soon established. position.

After Zhuge Liang brought in 200,000 soldiers to defeat Huai Nam Wei Thanh and failed, Sun Liang obeyed cousin Sun Tuan’s accusations and killed the other Zhuge Liang, whose power from the Wu family fell to Sun Tuấn and his cousin – Ton Lam the general at that time. When Ton Tuan died of illness, Ton Lam monopolized military power, and at the same time did not let Sun Liang in his eyes. Therefore, Ton Luong, along with General Luu Thua and Prime Minister Tien Ky, conspired to punish Ton Lam and regain power. The news was spread to Ton Lam’s ears, Ton Lam immediately sent troops to surround the palace and send Trung Thu Lang – Ly Sung to steal the Emperor’s Seal, then Ton Lam sent someone to bring Ton Luong back. in Hoi Tac. has not heard from Ton Luong. History books have transmitted that Ton Lam poisoned Ton Luong, in that year Ton Luong was only 16 years old.

Code Number 3: Chu Doan Van – Vanished in the palace flames, but people say he has the ability to “go through the air”

Kien Van De – Chu Doan Van is the grandson of Chu Nguyen Chuong and the second emperor of the Ming Dynasty. During Zhou’s reign, he strengthened the role of officials in national politics, lenient and imprisoned, severely punished eunuchs, and changed some of the bad policies of Chu Nguyen Chuong’s grandfather, known in history books as name of “Kien Van Tan Chinh” (new political era of Kien Van De).

Chu Doan Van, the emperor who has searched for years without leaving a trace by tens of thousands of soldiers for many years, cannot find either alive or corpse, so it is suspected that he “went through the air”.

Shortly after his enthronement, Chu Doan Van obeyed the advice of the upper echelons of the high priesthood and others, and decided to deprive rulers of their rights in many places to strengthen the imperial family, he appointed his descendants to become king, holding military power in a private country, and each had their own army to defend themselves). This caused Zhou De – the king of Yen to disobey, and the second year after Zhou Doan Van proclaimed his emperor, Chu De succeeded in bringing his army. After learning that the situation could not be reversed, Kien Van De set fire to the palace himself, the fire lasted for 3 days, after Zhou De entered the palace, he could not find Kien Van De, whether he is alive or not. the bodies were not found. Ultimately, Kien Van De is dead or alive. So far, this is still a mystery that cannot be answered, as if it were “in the air”.

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