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This “unicorn” puppy with a tail that grows in the middle of the forehead is causing a fever in the online community, but why is he like that?

Let’s see how the experts responded to this dog’s “bad tail” case.

As reported, recently internet users were continually enthralled by a very cute video of Narwhal – a puppy with a birth defect nicknamed “unicorn” in Missouri, USA.

The narwhal looks like a normal puppy in many ways. He is in good health, knows how to play, knows how to feel emotions when people kiss and kiss. His only deformity was that in the middle of his forehead, a small tail suddenly sprouted.

“When we saw that tail, we felt so excited,” said Rochelle Steffen, founder of the Mac’s Mission animal welfare organization in Missouri, United States. This is an organization for dogs who need special care due to abuse, trauma or birth defects.

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According to Steffen, the organization has had to deal with horrific cases, such as dogs being shot, kicked or abandoned. Narwhal itself is also an abandoned dog. They found him wandering the streets alone in the midst of the snowy weather, two toes burnt from the cold and his stomach full of worms. After taking care of him, his health is now more stable.

Upon observation, Narwhal appears to be a cross between a dachshund and a golden retriever. It has the characteristic small legs of the Dachshund, but has a long, smooth light brown coat and a golden head.

Regarding the “unicorn” tail on the forehead, no one in the center expressed any discrimination against it. Even Steffen was pretty disappointed that the tail didn’t have any bones inside, which meant it couldn’t wag anymore. Also, after being examined by Brian Heuring, a veterinarian at the Cape Small Animal Clinic, this tail does not affect the health of the dog and does not need to be removed at all. Steffen himself is convinced that the other tail will not affect Narwhal’s quality of life.

But why is there a tail growing on the forehead?

According to Heuring, he is still unable to determine what prompted the dog to grow a tail in the middle of his forehead. However, he believes that the root cause may lie in the phenomenon of “fetal absorption”: when Narwhal’s sibling puppy does not form and is absorbed by him in the womb.

Studies show that 10 to 15% of pregnant bitches exhibit this phenomenon. At that time, healthier fetuses will absorb some of the remaining organs, leading to organ overgrowth.

But whatever the reason, Narwhal is currently living happily ever after with his distinctive unicorn tail. The experts do not intend to cut this tail either, to “respect the difference”.

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