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This place is ideally suited to “transport” at least 300 million people, and it is located in the solar system.

Perhaps it is time for us to forget about Mars, because this place has enough energy to “transport” hundreds of millions of people.

In recent years, Mars is a very potential candidate to become the second house of humanity, especially after the discoveries of signs of life, and especially the existence of water in the form of liquid water on the red planet.

But the more research is done, the lower this potential becomes, when the conditions of life on Mars are really too harsh, accompanied by a toxic layer covering the surface capable of destroying almost all signs of life on Mars.

For this reason, recently some experts believe that we should move to a place with more potential. The candidate this time is Saturn’s Moon – Titan.

Specifically, according to Amanda Hendrix of the Institute of Planetary Sciences (Arizona) and Yuk Yung of Caltech (California), Titan stores enough energy to become a giant human colony, with the potential to contain up to 300 million people. .

“Titan – Saturn’s moon is an optimal location for human migration into the solar system,” Hendrix said.

“It has an Earth-grade atmosphere and is thick enough to form a shield against radiation from the Sun.”

In the published report, the team of experts points to several different energy sources on Titan, including: nuclear, chemical, hydrothermal, wind, and even solar energy.

For example, the first thing you do when you set foot on Titan is to use the available elements (like the isotope of plutonium 238) to build a nuclear power plant. In addition, Titan has some pretty terrible methane gas reserves, which can be used as a source of energy.

Địa điểm này cực kỳ phù hợp để cưu mang ít nhất 300 triệu người, và nó nằm trong hệ Mặt trời - Ảnh 2.

Titan’s surface has rich seas and reservoirs of liquid hydrocarbons

The surface of this satellite also contains many seas and reservoirs of liquid hydrocarbons, that is to say completely converted into hydroelectricity.

Not to mention that the wind in Titan has a fairly high speed if it reaches a certain height – up to 20 m / s if it reaches an altitude of around 40,000 m. “Using hot air balloons or windmills here is perfectly suited, which can collect electricity up to hundreds of megawatts,” Hendrix said.

Finally, one of the most remarkable sources of energy is solar energy. Although compared to Earth, Titan is 10 times farther from the Sun, but if new technology emerges, that won’t be a problem at all.

According to Yuk Yung, 10% of Titan’s area if covered by solar panels is more than enough to power an entire colony.

“Titan has a lot of sources to obtain energy for future human conquests” – concludes the study.

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