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This cause has caused the abnormal deaths of tens of thousands of birds along Alaskan beaches

The image of dead birds lying on the beach shocked many people. So what is the cause of such massive death?

The deaths of tens of thousands of Uria aalge seabirds stranded on the beach in California, Alaska (USA) left many people shocked and painful.

Researchers recently discovered the cause of the deaths of thousands of birds.

Nguyên nhân này đã khiến hàng chục ngàn chú chim chết bất thường dọc bãi biển Alaska - Ảnh 1.

As a result, experts believe that the warming of the sea surface, which is a scarce food source, is the cause of the deaths of thousands of seabirds along this American beach.

US Geological Survey experts John Piatt said in previous years there was also the phenomenon of seabird deaths in winter.

However, with numbers as large as tens of thousands this year the Alaska beach region is unprecedented. Dead seabirds are primarily large Uria aalge seabirds that live primarily in North America.

Thanks to an investigation, experts say the cause is due to global warming of seawater – El Nino is changing the food sources of birds such as sardines and small crustaceans.

The prey moves to other waters, resulting in starvation, thinning and mass death. Seabirds Uria aalge are quite similar to penguins, they are clumsy on the ground, but they are masters of hunting fish when they are able to dive deep underwater to nearly 200m. The metabolism of Uria aalge birds is high, forcing them to eat a lot to sustain life.

If they do not eat 10-30% of their daily body weight, they will be forced to use the stored fat and will not have enough breath until 3 days of starvation.

An investigation has shown that the seabird Uria aalge in Alaska is almost very thin. They are starving and consume their stores of fat and protein until the first day and their body mass is depleted.

Piatt said: “It really is a painful truth, it is a terrible death”.

Nguyên nhân này đã khiến hàng chục ngàn chú chim chết bất thường dọc bãi biển Alaska - Ảnh 3.

NASA experts said that under the impact of climate change, the world’s seawater is getting warmer by the day. They cause the evacuation of a large quantity of food for birds such as fish, zooplankton … From there, lead to serious consequences, upsetting the oceanic ecosystem.

Not only that, El Niño also heats the atmosphere and changes the convection currents in the world, in particular, the barometric flow in the Pacific Ocean will be stronger and cause many major storms.

Therefore, we must consciously protect the Earth today to fend off those nightmares that can threaten all of humanity.

AP, Dailymail

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