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These birds can create their own scent to attract their mate

Not only do people know how to use scents or scents to enhance themselves. There is also a species of bird that can emit its own scent to impress female birds.

Making new friends or dating in the animal kingdom is definitely more difficult than us humans.

Since they don’t have friend apps, they can’t get to know each other if they are very far away. However, aukets from the Shumagin Islands, Alaska have a fairly unique trait that can attract the attention of other birds even if they are not nearby.

It is their ability to secrete citrus scents from their own body, especially from men.

A few years ago, no one knew if a bird smelled. Even so, how will they use it?

However, penguins have shown that they not only have an olfactory function, but males use it effectively to attract a mate.

While sailing to Big Koniuji Island, marine biologist Hector Douglas suddenly smelled a tangerine scent in the air.

He looked up and saw a herd of penguins nearby. “Their citrus scent is incredibly strong. It is the most fragrant bird I know,” he says.

Loài chim này có thể tự tạo ra mùi nước hoa riêng thơm nức mũi để hút bạn đời - Ảnh 2.

Then Douglas and his colleagues began to study this bird.

They captured dozens of birds and placed them each in each cage to quantify the strength of their scent.

The team discovered that this scent is secreted by human neck hair, producing aldehydes.

This compound is commonly found in the skin of citrus fruits and is also used to make fragrances.

Loài chim này có thể tự tạo ra mùi nước hoa riêng thơm nức mũi để hút bạn đời - Ảnh 3.

At the same time, behavioral ecology has revealed that it is the most fragrant species. The females themselves seem to be unable to resist this scent.

The scent acts as a physical indicator of the penguins to see if it is suitable as a mate. Additionally, this scent slows down or paralyzes blood-sucking species such as lice, mosquitoes or ticks which help penguins protect themselves.

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