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These 5 people absolutely do not eat jackfruit

Jackfruit is a fruit rich in nutrients, but jackfruit is not “healthy” for everyone. Be careful not to eat jackfruit if you suffer from the following illnesses.

Those who should not eat jackfruit

Fatty liver disease

Jackfruit is a fruit rich in nutrients and vitamins. But this fruit also contains a lot of sugar which is not good for the liver and also easily causes heat in the body.

Cases of fatty liver disease accompanied by moderate or severe hepatitis should be cautious when consuming fruits containing a lot of energy and indigestion such as jackfruit.


People with diabetes should follow a “high sugar” diet. During this time, the jackfruit contains a lot of fructose and glucose, when consumed by the body, immediately absorbed, which leads to a rapid rise in blood sugar.

Chronic renal failure

Patients with chronic kidney disease should avoid foods high in potassium such as jackfruit. Kidney failure is not expected to work well, causing potassium to build up, resulting in hyperkalemia. If the potassium in the blood rises too much, it can lead to death from cardiac arrest without warning.

Weakness, poor health

People in poor health, when eating a lot of jackfruit, are prone to bloating, discomfort, heavy heart work can lead to the risk of hypertension.

Chronic diseases

People with chronic diseases should only enjoy eating, not overeating, maximum about 3-4 packs / day.

How to eat jackfruit for health?

– Eat jackfruit only after eating rice 1 to 2 hours, be careful not to eat on an empty stomach because eating when you are hungry will lead to a full body, indigestion …

– Should eat in a moderate amount, for people with chronic diseases, should eat only up to 80 g (about 3-4 jackfruit / day).

– Should eat jackfruit along with other ripe fruits to provide enough vitamins and minerals for the body.

– When eating, chew well and do not eat in the evening.

– If the person is hot or has pimples, when eating jackfruit, add enough water and green vegetables.

– People with diabetes and fatty liver disease need absolute abstinence.

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