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There’s a planet thrown out of the solar system

Researchers at the Carnegie Institute of Science said a giant ice-rich planet between Saturn and Uranus was thrown out of the solar system.

There is a theory that around the Sun is a ring made of gas and dust. Through thousands of collisions, the planets gradually formed and revolved around the Sun in orbit. The larger planet then performs gravitational interactions that give the solar system the position it is in today.

To aid the imagination of the planetary arrangement in the solar system, the scientists performed 6,000 computer simulations. Interestingly, one graduate student said this arrangement was so unusual that it was further investigated by reverse engineering their training.

After analysis, scientists discovered the current positions of Uranus and Neptune, the two most distant planets from the Sun, determined by the Kuiper Belt – an area of asteroids located far from the system. The Sun – and a giant ice planet are ejected over the planetary systems.

Matt Clement, the author of the report, said his team had verified the effectiveness of this model for studying the formation of planets, including Earth to aid in the search for planetary systems with another living.

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