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The very rare Bongo antelope was born in the UK

The East African wildebeest pair of healthy twins is “great news” for this “critically endangered” species, conservationists have said.

These antelopes born in the Woburn reserve in Bedfordshire, UK, are considered “critically important” to this endangered species. Experts estimate that less than 100 Bongos live in the wild.

Linh dương Bongo cực hiếm chào đời tại Anh

Only two Bongo twins born in captivity have survived in zoos around the world, a spokesperson for the Woburn reserve said. This pair of young antelopes had just been born to a 9-year-old gazelle named Millie.

Reserve warden Chris Smart said, “The appearance of the two antelopes is not only good news for the park, but also good news for the Bongo antelope as antelopes were born. Before that, they were all males In particular, these twin calves are very handsome.

Linh dương Bongo cực hiếm chào đời tại Anh

According to Woburn Shrine, in history only 15 pairs of Bongo twins were born in captivity and only two survived.

Bongo gazelles often live in dense tropical forests, highlands, and bamboo forests. The adult Bongo can measure 110 to 130 cm in height. They eat grass, roots and shrubs. Bongo is threatened by poaching and illegal traps.

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