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The truth about the center of the Earth revealed by someone with a special ability

Humans manipulate the terrain and claim intelligence. However, the revelation of living life beneath the earth’s crust has revealed the secret of another hard-to-touch good world.

In 2015, the former CIA technical analyst announced that the United States had discovered a super-intellectual civilization inside Earth and had made a secret treaty. Is this true or is it just a rumor? Is there yet another world inside the Earth?

Is the Earth empty or dense? Is there life inside the Earth? Humans have set foot on the Moon, are now heading to Mars, the future will uncover many secrets of the universe, but to go inside the Earth, understanding is very limited.

The Daily Mail reported that when British researchers were on a plane bound for the West Antarctic Iceberg, using radar to detect under the Antarctic ice, there was a tunnel 240 meters deep. Someone thinks this is the entrance to the center of the Earth, where the creatures exist. Someone also said that Adolf Hitler was not dead, but led thousands of scientists from Antarctica around the world to the center of the Earth, waiting for the day to counterattack.

But hundreds cannot hear with their eyes. The diameter of the Earth is about more than 6000 km, but currently humans can only probe the maximum depth of 12 km, so based on science and technology today, want to see the first-hand life in the center of the Earth. is impossible.

Physicists still believe that the Earth weighs a hundred thousand times more than 600 billion tons. If the interior of the Earth is dense, then the center of the Earth must have a temperature of more than 1000 degrees, any object will be dissolved. According to the “empty earth theory”, the interior of the Earth is empty and on the ground there are nine large entrances and many other small paths in the geocentric, there are also records of people who have been to the center of the Earth.

One person with special powers described the center of the Earth like this:

“When we went to the Earth’s inner world, we took a small measurement, finding the distance to the center of the Earth in a straight line was over 220 km.

Once we got there we were all afraid of stupidity. What world is this? Isn’t the center of the Earth just molten lava? So where is the lava? The Earth is empty, the lava is only 200 km away, located outside the Earth’s world center. Lava never flowed towards the center of the Earth, otherwise there would not have been such a brilliant development, the civilization in the world of the center of the Earth has developed to a very high, very beautiful level.

Once I got to the center of the Earth, I was curious about many things, first of all looking for a special place. But at what point? It is about going to see the tallest building in the world center of the Earth and to see which is the top floor. We looked for a moment, extremely large inside. I didn’t measure its bottom area, the area used was its height and width, just looking at the floors. This building measures over 590 floors, estimated at over 1,900 square meters. Specifically, about the space above the ground, the height or the number of square meters that the person lives in the building, I am not studying carefully, it is the data of the center of the Earth.

Everyone is wondering what kind of society exists inside the Earth? I used to like watching secret alien files, talking about a lizard from the center of the earth, also saying that Adolf Hitler from WWII didn’t know where to go at the end and maybe returned to the world center of the earth. I am also very curious to know the question, did Adolf Hitler really come from the heart of the Earth?

But it’s not like that. The humans in the center of the Earth are not as warlike as we humans are, in the heart of the Earth there is no war. Their countries do not exist as individual states, but are divided into zones. The place we went to, like the yellow people of China, had a population of around 1.5 billion.

The entire population at the center of the Earth is over 10 billion people, the population is not small, even more than the human population on our earth. Of course, the number of people on the ground is still not fully counted, but according to reputable statistics, around 7-8 billion people, I’m not sure, in short, still not as many as the population below. center of the Earth.

The language spoken by the people in the center of the Earth is the same as that of our earthly people, Chinese also English. Civilization is at a much higher level than ours. They divide by zones, it can be said that there is no country, one billion people can become one big group, the division of zones is just for easy management, easy arrangement.

People in the center of the Earth can regularly go to the ground, constantly walk on it. But can we spot them? Can not! Since they are as flesh and blood as we are, their size is no different. So you really can’t tell if that person is the person in the center of the Earth or not.

But some people ask: can we go to the center of the Earth? According to our science and technology, it is still very difficult to enter and exit the center of the Earth. So, are the center of the Earth and the surface of the Earth connected? Yes, there are a lot more roads that are just hidden in places where few people have set foot, which is not easy for us on the surface to discover.

Even if you find out that you don’t have the courage to enter, then for us they are still an enigma, even miraculous. Now that science has advanced to such a level, it is still impossible to find a person in the center of the Earth. Based on our speculation, I believe there might be a special research organization that will detect it, but just won’t be able to publish it to the world, there certainly will be.
The magical natural universe, not the things that mechanical thought today can measure, is real or false, one day it will be revealed.

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