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The strange python has three smiling faces on its body

The shiny python has three smiling faces on its body as a result of breeding, when its owner tries to combine two colors of yellow and white together.

The albino python has three smiling faces on its body, which is not intended by the python’s owner after 8 years of breeding, according to CNN.

Justin Kobylka, who kept the python for almost two decades, tried to breed it to produce a species of python that had a combination of yellow and white.

But surprisingly, her python not only has two colors above, but also three designs that look like a smiley face on her body.

Kobylka said there would be one with a smiley face for 20 python, however, in his 19 years of raising the python, he has never seen a single python with three of those smiles.

Cases like these arise from recessive mutations, which can occur naturally but are very rare. And due to its difficulty in finding, the python is currently offered for purchase for $ 6,000.

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