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The “specialty” of humans is fighting jealousy, but did you know that penguins are just as jealous as humans?

Even more severe bleeding from the head.

Imagine, you come home after a tiring day at work and find the true will of your life lying with others. So what’s going to happen?

Of course, disappointment will envelop us in the first few seconds, followed by shock and anger. What happened after that could be a never-ending war, or sometimes a fight.

In short, the betrayed will walk with a deeply wounded heart.

Well, it looks like an adultery themed Hollywood movie. However, it is a sad truth with many scenes of life in society.


According to Truth Theory, up to 40 to 50% of Americans have cheated on their partner. This often leads to depression, violence or suicide … And not just in humans, adultery is clearly present in the animal world.

The episode “Animal Fight Night” from Nat Geo’s “Animal Fight Night” series is about a penguin who finds his wife having sex with someone else.

Angry and painful, he decided to live with the spoiler, but before that the husband penguins were still screaming in desperate voices hoping the penguins would change their mind. However, the female bird always chooses the 3rd person.

And so, the bloody war begins.

The struggle to reunite with the family and the bitter end of her penguin husband

After the death of each other, the penguin husband showed himself weaker against the increasingly strong spoiler. He screamed painfully again, hoping his wife would change her mind but no, the female penguin didn’t have time for the loser.


Failure and humiliation, the Husband Penguins were left alone in the cold whistling winds. He is heartbroken and continues to walk.

In the archipelago of more than 250,000 individuals, the husband penguins quickly realize that the traitor is like grains of sand on the beach. I believe he will soon find true happiness.

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