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The precious bird returns after nearly 200 years of mysterious disappearance

A bird that went extinct more than 170 years ago suddenly reappears, surprising environmentalists.

The first and last time the black-browed species appeared was around 1848. It has since disappeared without a trace despite the efforts of scientists.

But at the end of 2020, two men in Borneo, Indonesia, observed a strange bird and photographed it before releasing the creature into the forest.

Scientists were amazed to find it was a black eyebrow.

“This bird is often referred to as ‘the greatest mystery in Indonesian mythology.’ It’s amazing to think that it is not extinct and still lives in these forests,” said Panji Gusti Akbar, senior author of the articles on new discoveries.

Info about black eyebrows – with very little gray and brown fur.

Researchers hope to return to the bird’s site soon to learn more. But travel restrictions because COVID-19 is hampering that effort.

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