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The oldest domestic dog in the world

This breed was discovered by accident, by two legendary Italian cave explorers Alfonso Bietolini and Jani-Franco Brachi in the village of Jhangjhe, located at an altitude of 5200 meters above sea level in the region. Tibet, northwestern China in the mid-15th century.

This domesticated clam dog existed on the planet 5,000 years ago.

When A. Bietolini and J. Brachi approached the village of Jhangjhe about 100m away, suddenly there was a loud bark of dogs … Then an animal with curly fur, 1m high with long legs like calf legs, weighing down to its weight. as if he wanted to rush to tear them up, until the owner who was a villager talks about it.

After careful research, scientists all agree that this is the Tibetan Mastiff, a famous breed of sheepdog – the “ancestor” of today’s sophisticated dogs. , once considered extinct by the zoology of its time.

This domesticated clam dog that existed on the planet 5,000 years ago is very familiar with the ancient Asiri and Finik peoples. The ancient Greeks and Romans accompanied them alongside the war horse, a symbol of absolute courage and loyalty. The Tibetan Shepherd Dog has also associated with many ethnic groups in Central Asia, experiencing highs and lows in history.

At the start of the 19th century, the British East India Company in Asia officially recommended that the Tibetan dog be used for defensive purposes of the foggy island nation. But dozens of clam dogs that were transported to Europe at that time died because they were not used to the climate …

Since then, the legend of the mighty Tibetan Shepherd’s Crane remains in paintings until now. Currently, Italian scientists plan to bring this oldest species of crane to Europe, to reproduce in climatic conditions in the high mountains adjacent to the Alps by the method of cloning.

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