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The most famous dog in the world has died

“Star” Schoep, the most famous dog in the Internet world thanks to the photo showing the moment of peace and the deep affection between animals and humans, has passed away at the age of 20.

A month after turning 20, the dog Schoep died. More than 65,000 people sent their condolences to Facebook by Julie McGarvie Unger, owner of Schoep on Thursday, Time NewsFeed reported.

In addition to arthritis and pelvic dysplasia, Schoep gradually developed hearing loss and went blind. After the information spread about Schoep’s disease, many people donated money for laser treatment and drugs for it, so that Schoep could walk better. However, this treatment seemed a bit burdensome in relation to the state of health, so he was unbearable and died soon after.

Allvoices quoted Julie McGarvie Unger, the owner of Schoep on Thursday: “I am breathing but I cannot catch my breath … Schoep passed away yesterday”.

Schoep became a “star” after a photo of him was posted last summer on the social network Facebook. Photo by photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson. The photo shows a peaceful moment for John Unger and his 19-year-old pet dog in Lake Superior. He put Schoep to sleep so she could sleep in the water to relieve her joint pain.

The image shared more than 214,000 times in the past year has raised funds for the care of senior dogs. Many animal lovers around the world have donated over $ 25,000 to cover veterinary bills, laser eye treatments, and medication not only for Schoep, but also for senior dogs from many low-income families, so that they are better cared for.

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