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The most children in the history of the world

The ancient kings all owned a huge harem with countless numbers of children, even one of the youngest in history had as many as 1,000 children.

Sultan Moulay Ismaïl

The first king in the list of the most born kings in the history of the world was Moulay Ismaïl (1634? – 1727), the second Alawite king in the history of Morocco and also the king of the time. the longest ruler in the history of the country (55 years – from 1672 to 1727).

Sultan (title of king of Muslims) Moulay Ismaïl is famous for being a good war king, nicknamed the “warrior king” – the warrior king. Furthermore, however, history also records Moulay Ismail as a particularly bloodthirsty sultan.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, Sultan Ismail is the person with the most children in human history with 888 children. However, this is only the number of children authenticated. According to Dominique Busnot – a French diplomat who understands history, after 32 years of reign – in 1704, Sultan Ismail would have had 1,171 children by 4 wives and more than 500 concubines.

Pharaoh Ramses II

During his 66-year reign, the great Ramsess II was one of the greatest and most powerful pharaohs in history. At the age of 10, he was promoted to Commander-in-Chief of the Army.

Emperor Ramsess II is one of the greatest pharaohs in Egyptian history.

Ramsess II led ancient Egypt in great battles with the countries of Libya, Nubia and Hitler. Not only that, he is also a great architect. The great Ramsess built the dark sacred capital Thebe, the holy place of Karnark and the sophisticated temple of Abu Simbei.

He has eight wives, the most famous of which are the queens Nefretari, Isetnofret and Henutmire. Historically, in 10 years each of the aforementioned women gave birth to Ramses 5 sons and 1 daughter. The concubines also gave him 5 to 10 princes. As a result, he has … over 100 children. About 44 to 56 boys and 40 to 44 girls. Interestingly, Ramsess II lived 54 years longer than his wife Nefretari and over 18 of his children.

Genghis khan

Genghis Khan was a king who founded the Mongol Empire after amalgamating the tribes of Northeast Asia in 1206. Mongolia then spread throughout Asia, reaching the Persian Gulf. What Genghis Khan not only ruled the world’s largest empire, but also increased the population of the places his hooves passed.

Genghis Khan is considered one of the most childish kings in Chinese history.

Genghis Khan is said to have hundreds of children. Each of his children and grandsons also has dozens of other sons. After the death of Genghis Khan in 1227, a few hundred years later, his descendants continued their cause of conquest and “propagation”.

Emperor Sargon of Akkad

Nicknamed “the real king”, Emperor Sargon was the first king of Mesopotamia. His journey is fascinating and mysterious. Historically, at a very young age, it was abandoned in a basket floating on the Europhrates River. From being a vile gardener, Sargon became the first king of Mesopotamia (the area between the two deltas of the Euphrates and the Tigris).

Emperor Sargon of Akkad has been nicknamed “the true king”.

Later, during the 22nd and 23rd centuries BC, he continually conquered the Sumerian cities, from Elam to the Mediterranean, some Iran and Syria, some Asia Minor and the Arabian Peninsula.

The remaining history of this emperor is not much. But the documents still insist that the Great King had 200 children, enough to form a mighty army for himself.

Emperor Mutsuhito (Meiji Emperor)

As the 122nd Emperor, Emperor Mutsuhito is the greatest hero in Japanese history. He was the man who reformed and transformed Japan into a modern nation, free from the danger of colonization by Western empires in growing colonialism.

Emperor Mutsuhito has nearly 90 children.

There are many anecdotes about Emperor Minh Tri. Someone said he was tall and strong, kind of like a delinquent, some books said he was thin and often sick. Some have glorified him as the person laying the foundations for the “Japanese miracle” (Japan became a world power in a short time), others criticized him as a capitalist.

One of the most interesting facts about this king is his number of children. Although openly having only one wife and a few concubines, Thien Hoang Minh Tri still has … 87 children. In 1912 he died of diabetes and uremia, as these diseases at the time had no cure.

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