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The loudest cat in the world

The Merlin cat from County Devon, England, can be recorded in the world record as the world’s loudest screaming cat with an intensity of up to 100 decibels.

Chú mèo Merlin

The owner of Merlin’s cat is Tracy Westood (47) who lives in the town of Torquay, in the county of Devon. To find out the intensity of Merlin’s cry, Mrs. Westood measured the sound made by the cat, unexpectedly reaching 100 decibels.

Typically, a cat produces an average of 25 decibels. So with 100 decibels, the Merlin cat was four times louder than other cats.

“When I was on the phone, people would often ask me if there was a loud noise, but I got used to the noise,” Ms. Westwood said. We measured the sound of the Merlin, and it hit 100 decibels, but I think Merlin can make it even louder.

Ms Westwood also said she hoped Guinness would recognize Merlin’s record soon. Currently, this record-breaking cat is called Smokey in the city of Northampton (UK) with a measured sound intensity of 92 decibels.

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