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The ‘King Mushroom’ is nearly three feet tall in China

Villagers in southwest China have discovered a rare and large mushroom cluster with trees nearly three feet tall in the forest.

A farmer from Teng Chong County Village in Yunnan Province went to the forest to find mushrooms and discovered a huge mushroom on October 22, according to SCMP.

“I am 81 years old and have never seen such a large mushroom,” said the man who discovered the fungus.

The villagers called it the “king mushroom”. The mushroom cluster has 4 trees, weighs about 50 kg, the tallest tree is 94.3 cm, the diameter of the hat is 40 cm wide, so the villagers call it “elephant’s foot” . Visitors flocked to take photos and see the mushroom, prompting them to build a fence around the mushroom, protecting it from vandalism.

Yang Zhuliang, an expert from the Chinese Institute of Plant Sciences in Kunming, said the mushroom is an edible mushroom. The villagers hope that it will be recognized by Guinness World Records as the largest mushroom in the world.

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