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The king has the most children in the history of the world

King Sultan Ismail has the most children in the history of the world, with hundreds, if not more than 1,000 children.

Sultan Moulay Ismaïl was the first king of the Alawite dynasty, Morocco having the longest reign in the country’s history, from 1672 to 1727. He claims to be a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad of Islam.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, Ismail is the father of 888 children. He is the most human person that the history of the world can confirm. However, the French diplomat Dominique Busnot, who visited Morocco recorded that the king had 1,171 children, with four official wives and 500 concubines, from 1704. At that time, Ismail 57 years old and crowned king 32 years old.

Some researchers have stated that Ismail could not have as many children as Busnot had announced. The reason is that women can only conceive a few days a month, sperm cannot fertilize an egg for the remaining days. In addition, many women are affected by infertility and infertility, especially in developing countries. On the contrary, some other experts say that the above possibility is quite possible.

To solve the question, the scientists built a computer simulation program to find out how many times a day Ismail needed to have sex to be the father of 1,171 children for 32 years. The simulation also shows all the possibilities of the wives’ menstrual cycle, the duration of ovulation, the quality of sperm and the vitality of the king.

The results show that Ismail only needs to maintain the frequency of “love” precisely 0.83 to 1.43 times / day to produce a record number of children. In addition, the king does not need to use a harem consisting of 4 wives and 500 concubines, but only needs 65 to 110 wives. Dr Oberzaucher pointed out that research results are different, depending on the model of reproductive research applied.

“We are very careful in our own calculations, and Ismail has the capacity to produce the above number,” said Elisabeth Oberzaucher, author of the study at the University of Vienna (Austria) in earnest. The research was published in the journal Plos Once in early 2014.

Selon les archives historiques, le sultan Ismaïl avait mis en retrait 400 personnes de l’opposition dans la ville de Fès lorsqu’il a accédé au trône pour la première fois. Au cours des 55 années suivantes, il a ordonné la mise à mort de 30 000 personnes, sans parler des ennemis tués sur le champ de bataille.

Ismaïl punit strictement toute femme qui ose tricher. Aux concubines infidèles, Ismaïl les a personnellement étranglées à mort ou ordonné une amputation thoracique ou une extraction dentaire. Des hommes qui surveillaient sa femme ou sa concubine ont également été exécutés.

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