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The golden turtle was born, considered the embodiment of the mighty god

According to the Daily Star, the turtle has so far been released into the wild. But the unusual color can make survival more difficult.

Local people in Nepal regard the Golden Turtle as the embodiment of Vishnu, one of the three mighty deities of Indian culture, alongside Brahma and Shiva.

According to experts, the reason why the turtle has a yellow body is due to the extremely rare genetic mutation of the pigment.

Yellow turtles are a rare mutation in nature.

Reptile expert Kamal Devkota said, “Golden turtles have a great influence on the religion and culture of Nepal.” In legend, the god Vishnu once transformed into a kurma turtle to save the beings who were submerged in the deep waters of the disaster.

“People believe that Vishnu was reborn as a golden turtle to save mankind from calamities,” Devkota said.

The golden turtle statue represents the god Vishnu.

Today the god Vishnu in the form of a turtle is widely worshiped in temples in India. Mr Devkota added: “This is the first time I have seen such an unusual colored turtle. For the first time, Nepal has registered this mutant colored turtle and is possibly the fifth yellow mutant in the world.

After careful research, Nepalese experts released the turtle back into the wild. “Such colorful colors will make it difficult for the wild turtle,” Devkota explained.

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