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The driver got angry when the ‘unknown drought’ smashed the car window just to save … a puppy in the middle of the afternoon was extremely sunny

Many people, after reading the story, have expressed their agreement with the young man’s actions because they think that “be careful and worried” it is better to go wrong than to go through without help.

Enthusiasm is inherently a good virtue, but when it’s not in the right place, it causes a lot of trouble. Simply in the following case, the car owner was mad because in the heat of nearly 40 degrees Celsius, no kind young man broke his car window to save the dog trapped in the car. But this man had no idea it was a real Perfect Petzzz toy puppy of his daughter.

Specifically, on the Spotted Weston-super-Mare Facebook page, the owner’s post read, “I got back to the car after leaving about 20 minutes to buy things, but someone broke the back door because I thought. that my daughter’s toy dog is real and is trapped in the heat. “This person also did not forget to send a few loving words to the right dynasty:” How can you be so stupid? What a shame. ”We know that the Perfect Petzzz dog toy in this person’s car is designed very like a real dog, he can even“ breathe ”when the switch is on.

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The car owner was annoyed because a stranger abruptly smashed the rear window to save a dog, but they didn’t know it was just a stuffed dog.

However, unlike the owner of the article, the commenters below all support this sweet young man, they all think breaking the glass in this case is not to blame, it’s better Better to be wrong than to be feel guilty for doing nothing.

User Gemma Greenwood commented: ‘To be honest if that was me I would too, this stuffed dog looks very real, it’s easy to get confused and like a lot of people say’ be careful without guilt ‘, I will also break the glass to feel more comfortable than watching the dog stand still. Meanwhile, the account named Lynette Picton wrote: ‘This is so real! I do too. Remember not to bring those super realistic dolls and animals in the car in the heat like this. People see the danger and just want to help. Don’t curse them. “

Perfect Petzzz is a pet toy that looks like a real dog and caused a lot of confusion in the sweet young man.

Before this unfortunate accident, the website of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) warned: “A lot of people think of leaving dogs in their cars on such a hot day. It would be normal if the windows were ajar or the car was parked in the shade, but the truth was, it was still extremely dangerous for the dog. ”

It is not illegal to leave a pet in a car at this time, but a car owner can still be fined for animal abuse if the animal is sick or dies. The RSPCA also advises the right people to alert the police when a dog is locked in a car so they can come up with the best solution instead of acting defiantly.

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