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The death of a fish “shook” the ocean

The death of a small fish with one hand has shocked the scientific world and understands that the ocean is not as big as humans mistakenly thought.

On October 21, The Guardian reported that the catfish – a special fish from the ocean – was officially extinct.

It is the first marine fish in the world declared extinct in modern times. This news caused the “shock” of the ocean and out there how many species of fish are extinct that humans don’t know, according to The Guardian.

In 1802, French naturalist François Peron caught a smooth handfish in the Australian Sea and put it in a small jar. Few believe it is the first slippery fish known to man.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has officially declared the extinction of the catfish – a special fish that “walks” on the seabed faster than swimming.

Slippery hand fish may appear “cranky” but they are very vulnerable and cannot survive in captivity. Their structure is difficult to understand when pectoral fins “walk” on the seabed. Scientists still do not have the conditions to study the mysteries of this fish, they are extinct.

Mẫu vật cá tay trơn duy nhất con người có được từ năm 1802.According to experts, overfishing and marine pollution are the causes of the extinction of the catfish, even when it is listed as an extremely endangered species.

“The scientific world is completely surprised because no one has to study live specimens of smooth-handed fish. We need to learn more about this fish from the notes of French naturalist François Peron, written in the early 1800s, ”said Graham Edgar, marine biology expert at IUCN.

“The whole world is eager to find a few individuals or populations of slippery fish to protect and study them. However, the ocean is not as large and rich as we think it is. Until when will humans change their insensitive view of the ocean? “

“Maybe the catfish has been extinct for decades,” Mr. Edgar lamented.

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