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The British Shorthair Cat is only woken up when there is food that people enthusiastically “release their hearts” due to its laziness

Even though the owner rolled back and forth, opened his eyes to the things he refused to wake up to, until he smelled the sausage, the cat immediately jumped up.

Recently, the Vietnamese social network was put to sleep by a short-haired British cat, despite all the harassment from its owner. The owner of Uncle “Boss” swam, shook, opened his eyes but still failed until he brought a piece of sausage to his mouth when he immediately jumped up.

Chú mèo Anh lông ngắn chỉ thức khi có thức ăn được dân tình thả tim nhiệt liệt vì độ lười - Ảnh 2.

The boss is sleeping, don’t wait to wake up.

Currently, the clip has more than 28,000 likes, more than 2,000 comments and shares from Internet users.

“When my children lose their temper, they sleep day and night. under my feet, ”shared the Phuong Thao account.

“In my cat life I kept hissing and hissing as they were running backwards. When they ate the spoon and hit the bowl, they came out and heard they ran away. But now they’ve been caught, I don’t raise any more animals, ”Thai Nguyen account shared.

Chú mèo Anh lông ngắn chỉ thức khi có thức ăn được dân tình thả tim nhiệt liệt vì độ lười - Ảnh 3.

Deep sleep suddenly boils down to a piece of sausage.

“My cat loves to eat candy, so whenever I can’t find it, I just need to hold a candy or a dice to make some noise and it will work anywhere,” said Phuong Minh, a account.

“My fat guy hasn’t opened his eyes yet, but his mouth has already eaten meat,” Lam Phuong commented.

“After you pour the food for the grandfather, if you lift your butt and pull it out, he’ll pull the food tray with you, rather than die so you won’t let go. As long as you eat, the whole world sucks. “Quynh Chi commentary explains.

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