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The boy sold his cell phone, borrowed everywhere to save 40 million cats that fell from the 5th floor to the ground

“40 million, 50 million or 100 million. Just have hope, there’s a chance I’ll try anyway” – are the lines on this guy who loves cats like that shared on social media.

Recently, a member of a large group of young people shared a story that has made many crazy cat “lotuses” love and admire. Here are the lines shared by Thai Dung (born 1994):

“Earlier in the day he fell from the 5th floor of the building to the 1st floor. His jaw was split, his front leg fractured, his hind leg fractured. .

In the morning, I took him around 5 veterinary institutes in Hanoi. I could only watch him moan in pain but there was nothing I could do. Even humans can’t stand saying anything to an animal. I can only cry.

Chàng trai bán điện thoại, vay mượn khắp nơi để có đủ 40 triệu cứu mèo ngã từ tầng 5 xuống đất - Ảnh 1.

Immediately after the accident, Xu was taken to hospital for treatment

A cat named Xu is being treated at IVET Lac Long Quan veterinary hospital. At the moment, the baby is half paralyzed, so only fluids and catheterization are given. Because the injury was so severe, the baby had to stay in the hospital for 2-3 days to recover before he could have surgery.

Chàng trai bán điện thoại, vay mượn khắp nơi để có đủ 40 triệu cứu mèo ngã từ tầng 5 xuống đất - Ảnh 2.

X-ray image of Xu’s legs

Fortunately, a hospital accepted the treatment, but had to invite Thai doctors for surgery. The cost of a day of treatment in the hospital is 1.4 million VND and has to stay for about 10 days. The cost of cat jaw surgery is VND 2 million while the cost of spine and nerve surgery is VND 25 million. The total cost of surgery and hospital fees is over 40 million.


It is a huge sum to take care of a cat. Although the family already knows the story, because the family situation is also very difficult, only the sister encourages the cat’s treatment. Dung had to sell the phone and borrow more to cover expenses.

Chàng trai bán điện thoại, vay mượn khắp nơi để có đủ 40 triệu cứu mèo ngã từ tầng 5 xuống đất - Ảnh 4.

X-ray images showed severe damage to the leg bone and spine

Dung added, “Every day he is by my side, no matter how happy or sad he is. I scold him for being too mean and he always jumps in affection. Seeing it hurts like that and always trying to live. , what is the reason? is there any chance i take it off?

Even the doctor saw that he was still injured, did not charge a fee because there was nothing he could do about it. Even Mr. Grab, hearing her cries of pain, was sad and in tears. After the x-ray was over, despite the pain, she was still hanging around to be stroked. So even though I have to sell everything I have, I still accept.

Chàng trai bán điện thoại, vay mượn khắp nơi để có đủ 40 triệu cứu mèo ngã từ tầng 5 xuống đất - Ảnh 5.

Image of a disheveled baby (left) while still healthy

For him, the baby is not just a simple pet, but Xu has become a close friend, a member of the family. So it’s not strange that he decided to spend 40 million to cure the cat: “40 million, 50 million or 100 million. As long as there is hope, there is a chance that I will try again “.

During the short time that the story was shared, many “sen” members who were crazy about cats left comments:

“Condolences, my condolences, just like my banner, so nasty!” Commented member Nguyen Hai Quan.

“I hope you get well soon,” commented member Quynh Mai.

“Set up a fund for everyone to help the baby die soon,” the Linh Chi account commented.

“And someone who has money dear friends admires you so much. Hope your cat is getting better soon,” the Anniversary account commented.

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