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The bee was imported by the pig god, so difficult to absorb the honey that it was oily and could not take off!

As a result, for some reason, this bee flew into the house and could not find a way out. While trying to find a flying hole, large bees are trapped in the glass of the house.

A few hours ago, the social network Reddit went crazy over the image of a large round bee trapped in a glass door that couldn’t escape.

All the action of this golden bee caught the attention of the owner of the house. There is nothing to mention if the bee has a normal shape. But here it looks bold, black and yellow from the silky, velvet-smooth fur, every movement is difficult, making the owner laugh as he feels interesting and then takes photos to post on social media.

The owner with humor: “Because too hard to suck honey, the yellow bee is overweight and cannot climb on the window railing”.

The post after being shared on Reddit quickly garnered 79,000 likes and thousands of comments. Everyone feels that this bee is so cute! Many people even “troll” the bee that she is possessed by the zodiac god, or is too greedy for honey to look such overweight.

This bee is known to be a species of bumblebee in the genus Bombus, generally distributed mainly in the Northern Hemisphere, but they are also present in South America. It is one of the main species used in greenhouse pollination.

It is identified by its distinctive appearance from the rest of the bees. Black and yellow feathers often form bands. Round body covered with soft velvet bristles.


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