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The beautiful cat was ice-fed for the first time and had a heartbreaking expression that made Internet users laugh

This cat has a smooth coat that looks very noble, but when his expression is so funny, everyone laughs..

Recently, netizens are actively transmitting discount videos to record the adorable expression of a cat having a first taste of ice cream. The phrase was humorously commented on as “a little too much” of this cat boss, making everyone laugh with their stomachs.
The video was posted by a Tik Tok social media account named Sabrina Bernatchez, currently living in Quebec City, Canada. In the clip, the “funny clown” cat is stuffed with a dollop of ice cream in the mouth by a young man. Eager to try the delicious food for the first time, then get a bitter ending, with a big mouthed expression, a wrinkled face, a shaking head and the adorable cat’s body leaning back, making everyone hang out immediately remember. feeling “cold in the brain” when eating frozen foods. The problem is, this cat boss is acting … too deeply.
Mèo xinh lần đầu được cho ăn kem và biểu cảm buốt tận óc khiến dân mạng được phen cười đau ruột - Ảnh 1.

The cat has the first time: ice cream

First, gasp

Then vigorously shook his head
Mèo xinh lần đầu được cho ăn kem và biểu cảm buốt tận óc khiến dân mạng được phen cười đau ruột - Ảnh 4.
Expression of a cute cat after eating ice cream
The music video quickly garnered 340,000 views, even though it is a newly created account and has never uploaded any other videos before. Anyone can decode this funny cat attraction from all over the world, making viewers laugh like a cockroach.
“I laughed when I saw him.”
“This cat must now know that the world has such a cold.”
“But the expression is bitter in the depths of the mind.”
However, many viewers can be too pathetic for an adorable cat, so it’s too much to let him try ice cream for him to shake his body: “Oh my God, that looks miserable, maybe this cat has very weak teeth. ”Some people have wondered if it is good to feed cats with ice. According to a website called TheHappyCatSite, cats don’t have a mechanism for recognizing sugar, so they don’t taste the sweetness, nor will they tolerate sugar to many different degrees. So cats eat too much ice cream is not good, but we can give them small amounts every day.

(Theo Daily Mail)

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