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The background of the ancient "Three emperors five emperors"

The first period of Chinese history is called the Xiantin period, which is divided into four eras: Hoang, Emperor, King, Ba. The highest rulers were originally called the Emperor and the Emperor, they were in office at the time of the founding of China, times so ancient called the Three Emperors Five.

History of the three kings, five emperors
Ancient China explained that ancient China consisted of two sides, the “Heaven, Earth and Human” static state structure and the “Five Elements” form of transport. Therefore, “Tam Hoang” refers to Thien Hoang, Dia Hoang and Nhan Hoang. “The Five Noble Truths” means the Emperor of the Woods, the Emperor of Earth, the Emperor of Gold, the Emperor of Water and the Emperor of Fire.

The “three kings of the five emperors” are emperors who appeared before the lower dynasty and chiefs of tribes. Because they had very strong abilities, they became the leader of the coalition of tribes at that time. Later, when Tan Thuy Hoang unified the mainland because in order to show his merits, “the great will”, he therefore chose the word “Hoang” in “Three kings” and “Emperor” in “Five kings” as the title ” Hoang. God “for me.

Basically it doesn’t matter if it’s based on legends or documents in the history books, they all say that the Three Kings period predates the Five Emperors period. But later, scholars put an emperor whom they worship in the position of “Three Kings of the Five Kings”, so this combination of eight lists disagreed.

The “three kings of the five kings” are emperors who appeared before the Low Dynasty and were chiefs of tribes. (Illustration: via

“Three kings”

In history. Tan Thuy Hoang ”wrote, Tam Hoang is Thien Hoang, Dia Hoang and Thai Hoang. In addition, Thai Hoang is considered the most noble. So who is Thai Hoang? According to “Thai Binh Ngu Lam” wrote, “Thien Hoang, Dia Hoang, Nhan Hoang are Tam Hoang”. So there is a sermon that Thai Hoang here is Nhan Hoang.

“The great lieutenant of history” and “the understanding of the white tiger” are that the Tam Hoang is Tai Nhan, Phuc Hy and Than Nong respectively. But in the “lucky coin” and “fate” it is said that Tam Hoang includes Phuc Hy, Than Nong and the god who created mankind is Nu Oa. According to “the emperor of the century”, the three kings included Phuc Hy, Than Nong and the emperor.

It can be seen that there are many different interpretations of “Tam Hoang”, but all agree that in “Tam Hoang” there are Phuc Hy and Than Nong. So who’s the third person at the end? There are a few records saying that “Tam Hoang” includes the following three:

Toai Nhan, Phuc Hy, Shen Nong (“Great Minister’s Story”)
Phuc Hy, Nu Oa, Shen Nong (“Customary Meaning”)
Phuc Hy, Chuc Dung, Than Nong (“Customs of Understanding”)
Phuc Hy, Shen Nong, Cong (“customary meaning”)
Thien Hoang, Dia Hoang, Thai Hoang (“History”)
Thien Hoang, Dia Hoang, Nhan Hoa (“legendary folklore”)
Phuc Hy, Shen Nong, Emperor (“Ancient Vi Thu”)

To date, the sermon in “Cổ Vi Thu” states that “Three Kings” comprising the three most influential and popular Renaissance, Shen Nong and the Emperor, they also became three ancient emperors most of China. In addition, in the great letter of Han Dynasty that “Tam Hoang” is Thien Hoang, Dia Hoang, Nhan Hoang, there are also three angels. This theory also has a relatively broad influence.

“The five noble truths”

Three books “The Copy”, “Dai tropical sign” and “History. The five empires of the century” all classified the emperor, Chuyen Huc, De Khoc, Duong Nghieu, Ngu Thuan as “five kings”. But in the “signing ceremony”, Thai Hao (Phuc Hy), Viem De (Than Nong), Emperor, Thieu Hao and Chuyen Huc were classified as “five kings”.

There is also a legend and a myth that the angels in the five directions form “the five noble truths”. In the “Chronicle” of the Eastern Han Dynasty, it was written that the God of the Five Directions included Thai Hao (God of the East), Viem De (God of the South), Shaolin (God of the West) ), Chuyen Huc (God of the north) and the emperor (The Spirit in the center) constitute “Five Noble Truths” … The synthesis of how to organize “Five Noble Truths” includes four sermons as follows:

  • Emperor, Chuyen Huc, Emperor Khoc, Duong Nghieu, Ngu Thuan (“Great Zone”).
    Bao Xi, Shen Nong, Emperor, Duong Nghieu and Ngu Thuan (“The Book of Warring States).
    Thai Hao, Viem De, Emperor, Thieu Hao, Chuyen Huc (“The spring and autumn thi”).
    The Emperor, Thieu Hao, Chuyen Huc, De Khoc, Duong Nghieu (“Private treatment).
    Later, the sermon said that “The Five Noble Truths” included Shaolin. Chuyen Huc, De Khoc, Duong Nghieu and Ngu Thuan are recorded in the history of “capital letters” which are most commonly used.
    The identity of the eight “Three Kings of the Five Kings”
    Phuc hy thi
    Phuc Hy Thi is also known as Bao Hy Thi, Bao Hy, and Thai Hao Phuc Hy. He is considered the creator of the fishing profession, creating blessings for the people. Phuc Hy also created Bat Gua and built Iron Guitar, and composed the dance music “Lap Co”, “Reasoning”. In appearance, it is often described as a dragon head body, or a serpent head body, thus being called the dragon head.

Than Nong Thi

Than Nong Thi is the legendary Viem De, the Earth God in charge of agriculture. He has been called the God of agriculture, teaching people to farm. He is also the God of medicine. Legend has it that Shen Nong specializes in tasting plants and founded medicine.


The emperor is the ancestor of the Hoa Ha, Cong Ton and Hien Vien ethnic group. Legend has it that he lived on the Hien Vien mound, so he took Hien Vien as his mark. The Emperor, who defeated the invasion of Xi Yu, was crowned the vassal angel by the vassals and placed him on the throne in place of Shen Nong.

The Emperor ordered his wife, Luy To, to teach people how to breed silkworms, draw silk and create words, the great god Thuong Hiet. Emperor Xuan Yuan also ordered Dai Nhieu to invent can chi to calculate calendar making time, and ordered Linh Luan to make musical instruments …

Historically, Nghieu, Thuan, Ha, Chu, Thuong were descendants of the Emperor, so they were called “Descendants of Viem Hoang”.

Inflammation of the Empire

Emperor Jiang Emperor. This god made the head of a buffalo. When the Emperor was pursued by Xi Vưu in Trac Loc, he appealed to the Emperor. The two sides fought for a while in Trac Loc, Xi Vuu called on God to rain and storm, causing the emperor to lose his leadership. The Emperor once again asked the Divine Land and the Bath Queen to clear the sky, and created an “Far South” to clarify the direction. As a result of this fierce battle, Xi Yuu was defeated, the emperor won and was crowned Thien Tu.

Húc specialist

Chuyen Huc’s last name is Cao Duong Thi. According to Chronicles, the Emperor and Luy To had two sons, Huyen Hieu and Xuong Y. Xuong Y was ordained in Nhuuyui, married the daughter of the Thuc Son clan, Xuong Pho, and gave birth to Chuyen Huc. Chuyen Huc is the Emperor’s successor.

As described in “History” and “The Five Empires of the Century”, Chuyen Húc is a wise, calm and strategic person. After Chuyen Huc inherited the throne, from near and far, he became a powerful king around this time.

Formidable empire

From Khoc of the Co surname is Cao Tan. According to Sima Qian’s “History”, Emperor Khoc was the son of Doi Pole, while Doi Pole was the son of Huyen Hieu and Huyen Hao was the eldest son of Emperor Xuan Yuan. According to the role, Emperor Khoc is the cousin of Chuyen Huc – the Emperor’s grandson and heir to the Emperor.

Also according to Chronicles, he was a humble man who was brought back by the people. He has the ability to use land and resources and to lead people. It was also he who invented the calendar according to the law of motion of the sun and the moon, worshiping the devil and the god.

From Nghieu

De Nghieu of the Doan Ky family, alias Phong Huan, was the son of De Khoc, mother of the surname Tran Phong. Because of his high dignity, people confessed him under the name De Nghieu.

He is a serious and respectful man, who loves people, is tall and small, can unite tribes, so during his reign the tribes lived together as one family. Emperor Nghieu married his two daughters in Thuan, and after long observation, he finally confidently gave the throne to Thuan.

Emperor Shun

Emperor Thuan, from the Nghieu family, it is said that his eyes had two pupils, so his name was “Trong Hoa”. After receiving the throne by Emperor Nghieu, he fulfilled his functions well, shedding light on the situation of the former “national security of the State”. Thus, Emperor Thuan also became the most powerful military intelligence of Trung Nguyen.

Later, Emperor Thuan decided to pass the throne to Vu instead of his son, Thuong Quan. Vu founded the Xia Dynasty again and successive dynasties were born.

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