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The 9 greatest generals in the history of the world have been honored by the Royal British Scientific Council

Wars are seen as catastrophic disasters causing many man-made deaths, but war also creates heroes, talented generals capable of changing the world order.

Alexander the Great (356-323 BC)

In just 12 years of the reign of the Macedonian Empire (336 – 323 BC), Alexander the Great conquered almost all of the world territory he knew at that time before his death.

He was born crying when the temple of Artemis in Ephesus was set on fire. Therefore, many believe that Alexander the Great was the son of a serpent god. The ancient prophets predicted that he would have a “conquering” future.

The truth proves that the belief is correct. Because in his conquests, Alexander the Great almost conquered. The most important battles of Alexander the Great are:

The campaign to conquer the Persian Empire – the first campaign in the life of the 20-year-old emperor.
The Battle of Gaugamela took place in 331 BCE, Alexander the Great and his more than 40,000 soldiers defeated tens of thousands of Persians led by Emperor Darius III of the Achaemen – then in power in Persia.

Genghis Khan (1162-1227)

Thành Cát Tư Hãn chính là người hợp nhất các bộ lạc độc lập ở vùng Đông Bắc châu Á và sáng lập ra Đế quốc Mông Cổ năm 1206

Genghis Khan was the unification of the independent tribes of Northeast Asia and founded the Mongol Empire in 1206. During his reign, he extended the territory of his country from Asia. in Europe.

Researchers all appreciate his military talent, from army organization to tactics. Genghis Khan’s military philosophy was how to defeat the enemy as quickly as possible, with the least damage. In battles, Genghis Khan never let his enemies go, even when they fled.

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

Napoleon là một nhà quân sự và chính trị kiệt xuất khiến cả thế giới kính phục và khiếp sợ

Napoleon was an exceptional military and politician who impressed and terrified the world.

Napoleon was known as the god of war, because with his unpredictable use of soldiers and extraordinary deeds that no general dared to perform, he created great lightning-quick victories when he had to fight against enemies. more than in numbers.

One of the victories that demonstrated Napoleon’s talents was the Battle of the Three Emperors – Austerlitz in 1805. Napoleon successfully commanded 73,000 French soldiers, winning over 80,000 soldiers from the Austro-Russian coalition.

Napoleon’s campaigns are studied by military practitioners around the world. He is also recognized by world history as the world’s greatest general in the 19th century.

Hanibal Barca (247-183)

Hanibal Barca - Vị tướng huyền thoại người Carthage

This legendary general of Carthage led an army with less force than the Roman Empire of Cathegne (present-day Spain) against Rome. His army triumphed and undermined the Roman Empire.

Julius Caesar (100-44)

Cesar là một lãnh tụ quân sự lỗi lạc và chính trị gia xuất sắc của La Mã

Cesar was a prominent Roman military leader and politician who played a key role in the transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire.

One of Caesar’s most resounding victories was the conquest of Gaul (including France, northern Italy, Belgium, French-speaking Switzerland, etc. today) which paved the way for Rome to reach the Atlantic. After that, he launched the Roman invasion of Britannia (now England) and built the Rhein River Bridge in 55 BC, becoming the first Roman general to cross the English Strait and cross the shore. right of the Rhein river.

Hung Dao Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan (1228 – 1300)

Trần Hưng Đạo tên thật là Trần Quốc Tuấn, một vị danh tướng anh hùng dân tộc Việt Nam thời nhà Trần

Tran Hung Dao’s real name is Tran Quoc Tuan, a Vietnamese heroic general of the Tran dynasty. He was one of the main commanders in repelling three Mongol invasions and later the Mongol Yuan invasions in the 13th century.

The victory of our army and our people over the mighty and good Mongol army during the reign of Kublai Khan is considered one of the greatest achievements in the history of the world.

Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658)

Oliver Cromwell là danh tướng lừng danh trong lịch sử của nước Anh

Oliver Cromwell is a famous general in the history of England. He led an Iron Rib army to defeat Stewart’s royal army in the 17th century British bourgeois revolution, beheading King Charles I (1649). Cromwell then conquered Ireland, Scotland and became the protector of England from 1653 until his death in 1658.

Mikhaiin Cutudop (1745-1813)

Mikhaiin Cutudop là một vị nguyên soái trong lịch sử nước Nga

Mikhaiin Cutudop is a Marshal of Russian history. He led the Russian army to defeat the French, stopping Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812. Then he led the Austro-Prussian army to invade Paris to completely overthrow Napoleon’s reign.

Geogry Zukop (1896 – 1974)

Mikhaiin Cutudop là một vị nguyên soái trong lịch sử nước Nga

Geogry Zukop is a famous general in the Soviet army. During World War II, Marshal G.K. Zhukov is at the top of the golden table in terms of number of victories and scale. His talent in leading campaigns and strategies has been admired around the world.

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