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Sun-sized object 764 about to explode was closer to Earth than imagined

New research has revealed the truth about the star Betelgeuse, the 12th brightest object in the Earth’s sky and often twinkling like a ghost.

The strange object, Betelgeuse, has long fascinated the scientific community because of the erratic factors observed in recent years. Most noticeable is the confusing change in light, when displayed, when it is suddenly dark for a while. Scientists believe this is a signal that the star’s energy has a “flicker” and is about to end: it explodes into a supernova, then collapses into a white dwarf star.

Ngôi sao sắp nổ Betelgeuse

Previously, studies showed that the star was 600 light years from the Sun and could have a radius of 1200 times that of the Sun. But the authors from the School of Astrophysics and Astrophysics (Australian National University) and the ASTRO 3D Center took more precise measurements and revealed that the star only made 764 suns and what they were like. We are only 548 light years away, almost imaginary.

Although the distance seems far away, scientists haven’t endlessly debated the possibility that the star affects Earth when it explodes, causing us to be affected by supernova radiation, by a large star. Unusual like that will explode terribly. Once supernovae is proven to affect life on Earth, two recent American studies also show that the major extinction event killing 50% of Earth’s tree of life members is due to explosions. The supernova is 60 light years away.

The enormous size and energy make Betelgeuse the 12th brightest star in the earth’s sky, even though it is far away. It can be seen with the naked eye on Orion.

Study leader Dr Meridith Joyce said they used hydrodynamic and seismic models to better understand the physical effects that lead to the star’s pulses, which global observatories do. “capture”.

The work also provides evidence that Betelgeuse will explode soon – perhaps 100,000 years away, far from human life but only a tick in the history of the universe.

Understanding Betelgeuse also helps us predict the future of Earth. It is estimated that in the next 4 to 5 billion years, our own Sun will run out of energy and transform into a red giant like Betelgeuse, “swallowing” Mercury, Venus and Earth, so too. explosive.

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