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Strange story: the mystery of the ancient beast once peacefully coexisted with humans

2 million years ago, climate change pushed the first humans over 300,000 years old to leave Africa.

Accompanying them, none other than the “beast” herds, although today represent death and evil, but formerly peaceful coexistence with humans: the Hyenas.

The prehistoric hyena weighs 114 kg, is 1 m high and 1.5 m long. They often meet in groups of 30 members

and go hunting together. With herd dominance, these hyenas can kill an adult mammoth weighing up to 9 tons.

However, they died out completely between 11,000 and 13,000 years ago. Part of this is because humans rushed for this hyena’s territory – the caves to hide the cover during the last ice age.

Cộng đồng mạng - Chuyện lạ: Bí ẩn quái thú cổ đại từng một thời chung sống hòa bình với con người (Hình 2).

Hyenas are probably one of the most hated animals in the world because they are mostly cold blooded and extremely cruel.

The group of scientists led by evolutionary geneticist Michael Westbury from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) said that the African branch of hyenas shared the migration pattern with ancient humans and were very different. different from the group of Eurasian hyenas; before interference and other complex evolutionary stages of today’s hyenas. These are shown in the genes of hyenas.

However, this period of peaceful coexistence came to an end with the birth of our modern humans Homo sapiens, which affected the survival of hyenas.

The day that hyenas actually turned into beasts was around 100,000 years ago when the people of Egypt began to know how to build.

The chemical beast for humans can also take place in other mammals.

For a long time, sneaky hyenas were called cowards, specialized in collecting. In fact, they are powerful predators, not only picking up corpses, but routinely hunting prey within range.

Cộng đồng mạng - Chuyện lạ: Bí ẩn quái thú cổ đại từng một thời chung sống hòa bình với con người (Hình 3).

According to observations, 95% of the food of hyenas comes from hunting. They even kill and eat lions, cheetahs and other predators when the herd is strong enough, crowded.

Hyenas do not only carry evil today, since ancient times its bad reputation was in myths, it was said that they were witches riding, participating in the robbery of graves, hunting for children and pets.

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