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Small dogs courageously chase the crocodile tail bites 4 meters long

The saltwater crocodile turned and dove into the river in fierce pursuit of the much smaller dog.

Dumb Blonde, a small dog who lives on Goat Island on the Adelaide River in the Northern Territory of central Australia, shows no fear at every encounter with a crocodile, reported today. The brave dog became famous for chasing crocodiles in the water.

In the video, Dumb Blonde repeatedly barked at the 3.3-meter saltwater crocodile before rushing to chase it away and force it to retreat into the river. As the guests of the Goat Island Lodge watched in horror, the little dog ran courageously after the crocodile, and its owner Kai Hansen smiled happily. Noticing that he could kill his opponent with a single bite, the crocodile turned and dived into the water, leaving Dumb Blonde trying to bite his tail.

According to Hansen, the 10-year-old crossbreed of West Highland White Terrier and Australian Terrier has been doing this for years.

Chó Dumb Blonde. Ảnh:

“It all started when he chased Casey, one of the crocodiles on the island, and got interested. At first I was very worried but I couldn’t stop him. The only way to stop him was to lock him up. ” Dated. Casey is a big crocodile but he doesn’t know what to do when Dumb Blonde bites his tail, ”said Hansen.

Hansen doesn’t care about carnivorous reptiles, although he does admit that a crocodile had sneaked into the henhouse last week. “The crocodile named Fred broke into the chicken coop and tried to eat one of the chickens, but they were fine,” Hansen said.

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