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Seven-legged calves are rare in India

The animal born on February 3 was unable to stand and walk because it had two bodies, seven legs and two tails.

A calf with two bodies, seven legs and two tails was born on February 3 in Vettaikaraniruppu, a small village in Nagapattinam district, Tamil Nadu state in southern India, Newsflare reported, the birth of the strange animal The extremely rare form quickly caused a fever in media and social networks.

Jagan, the owner of the cattle herd, miraculously survived the birth but was unable to stand up and walk on her own. Jagan called the local vet to check on the animal’s health. They will undergo surgery to remove the excess body part for the calf in the near future.

Globally, on average, one in 25,000 cattle are born with excess legs, according to a 2002 study. This phenomenon is called Polymelia, caused by a genetic mutation. In March of last year, a deformed 6-legged calf appeared in Chongqing, China, attracting a lot of attention as well.

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