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See 6 species of fish flying in the ocean

American and Canadian scientists have discovered the existence of fish capable of short-lived flight on the surface of the sea.

This fish has a pair of large fins and a pair of small fins. When they fly, they flap their fins like a bird flapping its wings.

In addition to the four-finned flying fish, scientists have also discovered two-fined flying fish.

Previous studies have shown that in the past, quadrupedal fish also had only two front fins, after which two posterior fins developed in evolution.

“Flying fish” can hover long distances up to 400 m above water. They can change direction and altitude in flight. The bettas flew much shorter distances and in a straight line.

The body and fins length of the bipedal fighter is longer than that of the quadrupedal fighter.

Surfing can be an effective strategy for fish against predators like seabirds, sharks and dolphins.

A four-finned flying fish with body patterns.

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