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Posting a photo of a pet cat on the internet, the woman was immediately arrested by police over a small detail, but watching closely to see shudder

A series of photos of kittens has just been posted online in the morning, in the afternoon the police came to the apartment to take the owner away.

On March 23, on the social network of Hong Kong (China), a series of photos of a cat like Scotland was displayed. These images are known to have been taken by the owner of the cat and posted on a pet trade site. However, what makes the image go viral is not because it is cute as many people mistakenly believe at first, but because of an unusual point that strongly prompts people to object.

Đăng hình mèo cưng lên mạng, người phụ nữ bị cảnh sát ập đến nhà bắt ngay lập tức vì một chi tiết nhỏ mà nhìn kỹ mới thấy rùng mình - Ảnh 1.

The cat was only 6 weeks old and was bought not long ago, but the owner was planning to sell it to someone else. The owner of the kitten is a 45 year old female who bought the cat for HK $ 4,500 (approx VND 13 million) and now wants to sell it for USD 5,000 (approx VND 15 million). The reason she gave it to him was because her boyfriend didn’t like it.

But the following description of the woman surprised and unsatisfied netizens: “I want to find a cat that can sleep with me every night. My old cat always obediently lies on me. But this cat doesn’t. So I have had to wrap it. Plastic. “

Readers quickly notice that in the series of photos released there is actually a photo of a kitten strangely wrapped in plastic wrap.

A close-up image of a kitten covered in plastic just because it refuses to stand still

Shortly after the image was released, police immediately went to the woman’s apartment and took her to the animal abuse investigation station.

Police So Wing Shun said in a media interview that the kitten has yet to find any obvious injuries and the cat has been temporarily transferred to the animal welfare center. In addition, the authorities’ swift action was also welcomed.

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