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Pigeons cross the Pacific

After the trip from Japan to Canada, a brave pigeon will be bred in the hope that his descendants will become one of the best long distance runners in the world.

The pigeon was found exhausted at a Canadian air base on Vancouver Island in the westernmost region of the country.

He was then transported to an animal emergency center near Comox, British Columbia.

“We think it took off from Japan and got lost or hit by a storm and deviated to Canada, parked and slept thanks to the freighters en route,” AFP said quoting Reg Westcott of the Group. Mountain bird rescue function.

The farthest range of pigeons is usually around 650 km. But this bird has crossed 8,000 km.

The rescue team found the owner by the phone number printed on the bird’s paws and called Japan, but he was unwilling to pay to send the animal home by commercial plane.

Upon hearing the news, the local carrier pigeon organization offered to breed him and pair him with a few hens in the hope that their descendants would be great runners.

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