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New Year’s Eve away from home, the young people have their place on the family meal board "stolen", but when they look, everyone supports the "new people"

Looking at “newcomer” sitting next to their parents like that, maybe the young people away from home also feel safe, right?

With “lotus children”, the story of being left out by parents and petting the animal like a natural child is all too familiar. Not that recently, a young man who worked away from home expressed his warmth because his position on the set was stolen by the “boss”:
“It’s the Dog, he always eats with my whole family. It took my place during my years away from home. And then at the end of the year, he was still sitting in that position as usual. Even if he doesn’t eat anything ”.
And here is the image of the Dog sitting on a year-end rice platter with all the members of this young man’s family!

When she was half asleep, she woke up to eat …

Tết xa nhà, thanh niên bị cướp luôn vị trí trên mâm cơm gia đình nhưng nhìn thì ai cũng ủng hộ người mới - Ảnh 1.

There are also separate bowls!

Fold your arms obediently on the table!

Unfortunately for this “lotus” it is, looking at the photo, everyone is only interested in the “newcomer”, even the praise and support!

Just saying that, but when Tet, if you leave home, having “boss” at home to eat with your parents, that’s for sure, right? !!

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