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New discovery: birds also know “shy” when they are drunk

Research by scientists at Oregon Medical University has shown that birds’ voices are altered after drinking alcohol.

We all certainly know that after drinking, the quality of our voice becomes more attractive. This means that alcohol will change our voice.

Many people wonder whether the voice of birds is changed by alcohol or not? Recent research by scientist Christopher Olson and colleagues at the University of Oregon Health has shown that birds (especially the sparrow) are also “shy” when they are drunk.

To come to this conclusion, experts mixed juice with 6% alcohol and poured into two jars – placed in sparrow cages early in the morning.
Researcher Christopher Olson said: “At first we thought these sparrows would drink because they were afraid to find something strange. But we were wrong, these sparrows are completely wrong. eager and happy to enjoy these bottles “.
After tasting the wine, the birds are taken outside to test blood alcohol levels. With an alcohol level measured from 0.05 to 0.08%, the birdsong began to change. No longer a loud voice, the sound of the sparrow began to subside.
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Sparrows have long been used by scientists to study human vocal learning or how people can communicate with each other in language.
“Obviously, alcohol is what causes sparrows to change their singing voice. In the future, we want to learn more about how this stimulant affects behavior,” said Olson. birds “.

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