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NASA accidentally captured where alien creatures are taking refuge?

New analysis of NASA photographs of oddly shaped snowmelt on Mars reveals a new world for life.

New research from Arizona State University (US) has turned into a series of amazing photos taken by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter of melting snow leaving traces like seagulls feet.

According to two lead authors, Aditya Khuller and Philip Christensen, they found evidence of “water ice” in this low latitude region. “Martian ice melts when there is dust and at lower and warmer latitudes there can be stable liquid water in the ice,” Dr. Khuller said.

The stability of the liquid means that it will not solidify due to cold weather or other effects, which means a suitable environment for life. In the photo, “ice water and dust” are shiny white bands exposed when the snow melts.

Hình ảnh được làm sáng lên, với những khu vực trắng sáng chính là nơi có "băng nước bụi"The Daily Mail cited authors from Arizona State University who said they expected this to be where ancient creatures survive on Mars today. The work is of great value to directing the continued research of life on Mars with the participation of many spacecraft from the United States and Europe. Although NASA thinks this planet has life, NASA is only hoping to find ancient fossils because there is a lot of evidence that life here died out billions of years ago.

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