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Mysterious “fireworks” shine on the sun.

NASA just released an image of the Sun’s surface showing bright rays that look like fireworks and are several times the size of Earth.

This “rare moment” was captured by the Solar Dynamics Observatory on May 23 and announced a few days later. According to calculations, each beam of “fireworks” is several times the size of the Earth, in fact the magnetic field currents are brightly illuminated by charged particles.

In the photo, NASA has a little “colored” so that people can see the beautiful moment more clearly.

In fact, NASA doesn’t just observe and save this image for viewing. The “fireworks” beams mark the area where strong magnetic activity is active. The level of the Sun’s magnetic activity directly affects the Earth’s climate.

During periods of low magnetic activity from the Sun, the Earth experiences cold periods, such as the Ice Age.

Studies show that the Sun is on the verge of entering a low point in magnetic activity again between 2019 and 2020. However, scientists have not commented or warned of an “ice age.” Modern ”because it just looks a little worse.

A recent study by the Max Planck Association for Scientific Development, a German nonprofit association, shows that while the Sun’s magnetic activity affects the temperature of the Earth, we still cannot blame global warming. .

The sun has not increased its brightness and magnetic activity for many decades, even in the past 30 to 40 years there has been a slight decrease. There are many other reasons for climate change, and humans are primarily responsible for global warming.

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