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Mistakes When Eating Meat You Should Know

Meat is a popular dish in all Vietnamese meals. However, not everyone knows how to eat meat properly.

Assistant Professor Nguyen Xuan Ninh, former head of the microbiology department of the National Institute of Nutrition, said Vietnamese eat a lot of pork but still suffer from anemia and fat in their blood.

Habit to stop while eating meat
This nutritionist points out six common mistakes when consuming Vietnamese meat.

Prefers fatty meats: in fact, lean meat is the most nutritious part, but many people prefer fat. Fatty meats are naturally rich in fatty acids. Regular consumption can increase body fat. In the long term, high blood lipids can cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

Eat more meat, fewer vegetables in main meals: If you focus only on the meat dishes on the table without adding fiber from vegetables and fruits, your body will accumulate excess protein. It can affect weight, lead to constipation, increase the risk of colorectal cancer from an early age.

Prefer to eat fried meat instead of steaming: The way to cook different types of meat at each meal is very varied.

But when you choose the wrong path, your body absorbs a lot of bad fats. In particular, eating fried meat regularly does not provide the body with nutrients. You should choose the method of steaming because it will help the body digest better and limit the risk of excess fat.

Buy processed meat regularly: When choosing meat, choose fresh, unprocessed meat. PGS Ninh recommends that people, because they save time, not buy processed and marinated meats because they contain too much salt. In addition, processed meats are also easy to produce nitrites. This compound combines with proteins to form nitrosamine, which causes cancer.

Likes to eat bacon: smoked meat contains benzopyrene – a very dangerous carcinogen. Therefore, you should not eat bacon regularly to avoid the risk of infecting people.

The wrong way to thaw meat: Out of habit, after taking meat out of the refrigerator, many people often soak it in water. However, this way the bacteria increase and deplete the nutrients from the meat. PGS Ninh recommends wrapping a plastic bag around meat before thawing it or storing it in the cooler of the refrigerator.

Principles of meat consumption

Associate Professor Nguyen Xuan Ninh said that the habit of eating meat should also be based on Principle 3:

Do not eat areas of meat with a lot of lymph nodes.

Do not eat parts related to the endocrine system such as internal organs, fishing rods …

Limit your skin intake, especially chicken, duck, and pork skin.

Experts also advise people to choose to buy meat from reputable establishments of clear origin, avoid buying meat of pale color, disease … In addition, you should eat meat that does not contain too much fat. and limit the use of processed products such as sausages, ham and canned meat.

This expert also recommends that the meat should not be processed at too high a temperature. One tip to help limit the formation of carcinogens during meat processing is to marinate this food in garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, and red wine.

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