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Miss Si Thanh Hoa, taking a photo with a group of ‘hundred million’ puppies is so cute

Raising up to 8 poodle-like puppies and carefully naming and coloring each child, Si Thanh said it was invaluable spiritual support for me after hard hours of work.

Many spectators, fans, friends and colleagues close to Si Thanh almost all know that she loves pets, especially puppies. However, maybe many people will be surprised to find out that at present Si Thanh has a “fortune” of 8 extremely cute puppies.

The 8 “babies” of this female artist are poodle dogs, very cute, obedient and extremely intelligent. Si Thanh said that this “harem” set is spiritual support for her after a few tiring and stressful times at work. On the days when there are a lot of shows, busy work, late home from work and tired, just seeing these puppies playing with her makes her happy, happy, full of energy. amount.

Therefore, recently Si Thanh decided to take a series of photos to show this puppy to the public. However, since the children are so crowded, Si Thanh did not take all the photos with them, only 4 puppies appeared in the photo series.

Through this pretty set of photos, the public is enough to realize the love and closeness of Si Thanh with his “baby”. In particular, each Si Thanh puppy is dyed their ears and feet with distinctive and distinctive colors. This is why in all the photos, Si Thanh has expertly chosen the outfits in the colors of the puppies to show the attachment of Si Thanh and the

The artist revealed that his love for dogs has been around for a long time. The predestined opportunity to have a group of up to 8 puppies was because Si Thanh was originally given by a friend to two puppies named Boo (boy, 8) and Cece (girl, 7). After that, these two babies gave birth to more children, forming a family of dogs. In fact, the number of puppies born is more than the number Si Thanh is raising today.

Due to his inability to raise all of his children, Si Thanh gave him to many other puppy loving friends, only keeping a few sick children from childhood, then taken to hospital for treatment and ailment. The total value of this herd of puppies that Si Thanh owns is probably in the hundreds of millions.

Si Thanh boasted, in the house, Si Thanh’s mother is a great helper to take care of the puppies. She and her mother have the same affection for babies: pink is a boy, the name of Pichu; the golden baby is a girl, named Sam; Orange is a girl, named Butter; purple is a girl, named Kitty; there is also Ut Girl and Ti Ni, as well as two little puppies and the mother of the children mentioned above. The artist revealed that every month she spends at least 15-20 million to care for this “herd”. Because in addition to the cost of food of about 7.8 million per month, she also takes care of children for bathing and going to the spa. The cost of each child’s spa visit is around 300,000-500,000 / time, although a little expensive, regular maintenance will help the baby to be clean and healthy, so Si Thanh doesn’t care. .

Caring for and loving puppies for many years, Si Thanh not only sees them as a pet to help me entertain and be cheerful, but his feelings for children are just like his own. “Each of them has a personality, they are like humans, so sometimes seeing the children wrapped in mandarins makes Si Thanh very emotional. Every time we come home from work, we only need to see the kids running around to celebrate, “canning themselves” like a kid, we feel a lot more excited, ”Si Thanh said.

However, she also “revealed” that raising the dog sometimes has a lot of headaches, such as children’s urination and defecation. “Even though they all know where to go to their own bathroom, they sometimes surprise Si Thanh when they are ‘taken by mines’ right in front of the room or on the stairs!” In those days, I just need to lift the whip to scare every child away, just like a real kid, ”boasted the female artist. Si Thanh himself always promises himself that I will really take care of these puppies, with all the love I have, so that the children can always be healthy, happy and take care of his house. exhausted and filled with happy thoughts.

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