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Megalodon super shark ‘scary’ medium can be up to 18 meters long

Scientists have confirmed that megalodon sharks can grow to such a giant and aggressive size due to their cannibalism right from the womb.

The team from DePaul University (USA) said that Megalodon – the largest shark to ever appear on earth – has strong adaptability and knows how to eat meat from the start.

Megalodon – a giant shark that eats its own kind while still in the womb.

Megalodon sharks are 15-18 meters in length and are believed to be extinct around 2.6 million years ago. However, many conspiracy theories suggest that this giant shark still exists on the seabed.

According to researchers at DePaul University, when the Megalodon shark hatches in the uterus, it eats most of the other eggs. Knowing how to eat meat and absorb nutrients from the uterus allows Megalodon to grow to the unparalleled size of a shark.

Eating siblings while still in the womb is “a unique behavior of the Megalodon shark,” according to research from DePaul University.

This shows that from the time it was not officially born, the megalodon shark had a large size. Megalodon sharks will be ready to take on enemies when they get out of the womb.

Owning a large size from birth gives Megalodon sharks a better chance of finding food and they soon grow to a giant size.

“The megalodons eat the siblings in the womb and they become the biggest shark we have ever known. Megalodons have represented large-scale predatory creatures in the ocean since the days when dinosaurs ruled the land. They play an important role in the formation of the marine ecosystems that we know today. New research has revealed the shark’s extraordinary size, ”said Kenshu Shimada, paleontologist at DePaul University.

Michael Griffiths, professor of environmental science at William Paterson University also agrees with the above point: “This is the most convincing proof of Megalodon’s extraordinary size”.

DePaul’s research results have been published in the scientific journal Historical Biology.

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