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Lost piglets are taken care of by a wild dog

Wild dogs feed their piglets with their young under a sewer in Raichur, India.

The sight of a mother dog caring for and feeding her piglets under an empty sewer in Raichur, India, surprised and touched many witnesses, MSN reported on February 6.

The bitch raised the piglets for about two weeks with her young. The warm action of the animal attracted many curious people.

They stood outside and waited for the bitch to nurse the pig and the small dogs. In the video, the piglet is squeezed among the small dogs, like a normal member of the dog family.

A sow and a bitch mother give birth to a child close to each other and stay in the same area, according to Chenna Basava, a local resident.

“The piglet was accidentally separated from the herd and raised by this dog,” he added.

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