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Look for birds with strange that are both long and large, but also freely scattered

Make sure that you will feel extremely aroused watching this bird show off its body with “foreign objects” in front of the female.

Internet users recently shared the image of a black bird, possessing a strange object both long and large, but they still spread everything …

After some time looking for birds, the truth about this strange bird emerged.

Accordingly, this bird is the black umbrella bird (Umbrellabirds), found in many rainforests in Central and South America.

Not only possessing a rather large length of 35 to 50 cm, covered in a jet black color, the male black umbrella also has a rather peculiar feature which carries a very long “flesh bib” on the neck. This “bib” is black (or red) that starts at the bottom of the throat and floats down. During this time, this “bra” in the female is quite short, sometimes absent.

But are you curious what that masculine black umbrella’s “bra” does?

In fact, this “bra” will work, tousled to attract pals. When the season comes to call for mates, male birds congregate under the large foliage – where they can best show off their physical beauty. And lifting his bib is a way for male blackbirds to display this strength.

As he begins the flirtation, the male black umbrella will “change” the bib from short to long, then inflate his swollen chest like a large umbrella to show his strength.

Without stopping there, the black umbrella will shake its head from side to side, flapping its wings to invite the female to “check”. At this time, the female bird will find the owner of the biggest “bib”, the biggest gap, the most powerful look to “give her body”.

When selected, the male bird will use its wingspan to gently cover the female’s eyes so that it never looks at other males again.

Truy tìm loài chim có vật thể kì lạ vừa dài vừa to lại còn cụp xòe tùy ý - Ảnh 5.

At the end of the “rain clouds”, they will go in search of favorite foods such as fruits, large insects to eat to recharge their batteries.

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