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Linh Ka has a lotus curse: taking out the jars, she pays money because her puppy bites millions of money.

Even a hot and beautiful girl like Linh Ka can’t repeatedly avoid the “salt face” because she has a naughty puppy.

For many people, cats and dogs are not only pets, but also friends, which makes life happier and happier. Speaking of which far, just watching the bosses eat, sleep, run and witness their countless difficult expressions to feel happy inside.

Additionally, the boss’s sabotage also caused the lotus guild to burn down. But in the end, I only cursed for a while and I couldn’t do anything. Falling into this situation recently, Linh Ka also carried out the destruction, which is Fat – his companion dog.

The story was that Fat bit her assistant Linh Ka’s Airpod, causing her to scream, “Fat! Who did you bite the Airpod from? Who was it? Why did you play like that? Know how? you who has to pay? ” No? Mother temple, but anyone else. God! I brought paint to this house “.

Meanwhile, Fat’s face was still soft and innocent, despite Linh Ka’s screams. Lotus children must understand this situation very well, right?

Fat when she was adopted by Linh Ka.
Linh Ka’s dog Fat is known to be of the Corgi breed, is almost 4 months old and quite mean. She was a sexy girl who had just raised Fat not long ago, but she took a lot of care and care, not only while playing, but also getting ready on her own.
Linh Ka dính "lời nguyền" con sen: Hết lọ mọ nấu ăn, lại muối mặt đền tiền vì cún cưng cắn nát đồ tiền triệu của người khác - Ảnh 3.

Despite being busy, Linh Ka also spends a lot of time taking care of herself.

Linh Ka dính lời nguyền con sen: Hết lọ mọ nấu ăn, lại muối mặt đền tiền vì cún cưng cắn nát đồ tiền triệu của người khác - Ảnh 4.

Linh Ka and Fat.

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