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Discover the biggest dogs in the world

With some dog breeds, size matters. Large body to be able to: hunt large animals, strong enough to run fast, protect the house from threats or increase survival in freezing conditions.In this article, Super Pet will join you in discovering the 9 largest dog breeds on Earth today. (Sorted in order of height).

Great Dane

The Great Dane is widely recognized as the largest breed in the world. They are German dogs. The Germans call this big dog the Deutsche Dogge (which means German). However, before it was officially recognized as an independent breed, it was believed that the ancestors of the Great Dane most likely originated from the mating process of British Mastiffs and Irish Wolfhounds.

Một chú chó Great Dane ngồi trên chiếc ghế dài - Giống chó to này rất cao

Although their weight is not ranked number 1 in the world (usually between 45.36 and 54.43 kg), they are among the tallest dogs. When standing, the Great Dane measures 71.12 to 76.2 cm. many can be “huge” in height than the figure above.

The Great Dane dog holds the highest world record named Zeus. The Zeus is surprisingly tall, up to 44 inches (111.76 cm). However, size also affects longevity somewhat. The Great Dane breed generally only lives until the age of 6 to 8 years. Zeus also died when he was 5 years old

Although the Great Dane is a dog of record height, there are other large breeds of a size that will surprise you.

Price: 5-20 million VND

Neapolitan mastiff

Mastiff dogs (clam dogs) have long been on the list of the world’s largest dogs. The Neapolitan dog comes from southern Italy. They are bred as guard dogs. A male male of 66.04 to 78.71 cm on average; weighs 58.97 – 70.31 kg. Females are generally small, shorter.

Một chú chó Mastiff Neapolitan

The clam does not turn into fear when protecting families and loved ones should be seen as the ideal watchdog. However, they are not suitable as watchdogs because they are quite “frugal”. They prefer to be silent, or jump and hold intruders and rarely bark loudly to warn or chase them away.

With such a very protective nature, you shouldn’t interfere with the love between this dog and the foster family. The Italian Clam always puts its owner first, and training them to be obedient and friendly to the outdoors takes time and patience.

Price: The lowest price is 15 million; as high as $ 4000.

Deerhound Scotland

In terms of long-legged breeds, deer, in their name, partly represent the work and purpose of their creation. They came from Scotland some time before the story began to record.

3 chú chó săn hươu

The deer dog has long legs

The Deerhound is an excellent hunting dog, used to hunt red deer. Their long legs help them quickly gain speed and easily hunt their prey. They are larger and heavier than greyhounds but have many similarities in appearance.

Một chú chó deerhound đang đứng

Fallow deer can grow to 81.28 cm tall and weigh nearly 50 kg. Today, although it is no longer used for deer hunting, the breed is still popular with dog lovers and herders taking part in excursions.

Price: Currently, deer hunting dogs are hardly sold in Vietnam. The average price overseas is $ 1,000 to $ 1,200.

Dogue de Bordeaux 

France is best known for its dogs such as: poodle, French bulldog, Great Pyrenees or Basset hound, … But the Dogue de Bordeaux is the oldest breed of dog in this country.

Bộ ba chú chó Dogue de Bordeaux

Dogue de Bordeaux measures 58 to 69 cm and weighs 57 to 68 kg. This size is moderate for the mastiff breed. However, overall, the first part of this breed is among the second largest of all the major breeds in the world.

Unlike the large Neapolitan breed, the Bordeauxdog does a good job as a watchdog. These purebred dogs are also used in sled dogs. They have been involved in almost every industry. When participating in outdoor activities, the French clam is very active. On the contrary, inside they are soft, non-destructive, noisy.

Dogue de Bordeaux ngủ trên giường

Price: Price 3000-5000 $


Unlike many other large breeds, Newfies were not bred to take on the job of guard dogs. Instead, their original goal was to help fishermen fish. Their bulky bodies and powerful muscles allow them to practice trawling and towing. Especially the job of diving into the sea to save people or drop things.

Một con chó newfoundland bên một con lạch

Newfoundland dog standing 68.58 to 76.2 cm tall and weighs 68.04 kg. But they can appear larger than this size because of their thick double layer, which is able to stay warm in icy seawater.

Price: $ 1200 – $ 1500 (puppies); 200 to 300 million VND (big dog)

English clam dog

The English Mastiff is a very large breed. Growing to a height of 76.2 cm, these dogs can weigh up to 113,398 kg. While the Great Dane currently holds the record for being the tallest breed, the British clam holds the record for the heaviest breed. The biggest weight ever recorded in the canine world belonged to an English clam-like dog named Aicama Zorba, weighing 155.58 kg.

Một chó chó Mastiff Anh đi qua bãi cỏ

Size is the key trait associated with this breed’s past work. The large size makes their fights between bears, bulls or lions more intense and heavier.

Một mastiff đứng bên cạnh một con ngựa nhỏ

Today, the English Mastiff is quite simply a giant dog, with a gentle personality, courage. They are easy to keep indoors, don’t be afraid of them because of their size, just choose this heavy dog breed as a companion.

Price: up to $ 9,000; Cheap dogs about 5 million.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard is a famous dog breed in the world. They were born in the Alps (Switzerland) as rescue dogs. The monks of the Saint-Bernard hospice are recognized as the first to train this dog to participate in the search and rescue of people in distress for reasons of snow or lost in the mountains. They also play an important role in construction and development like today.

Một chú chó Saint Bernard đứng trên bãi cỏ

Saint Bernard measures 63 to 76.2 cm and weighs 63 to 82 kg. Today they are the family dog, known to be gentle, affectionate, friendly and loving with children.

Một chú chó Bernard đang ôm ấp mèo con


The Leonberger dog reminds the people of Newfoundland and St. Bernard. These two races intersect and create a new species. In fact, in the mid-1840s, Heinrich Essig (residing in Leonberg, Germany), crossed Newfoundland with the Saint Bernard. Maintain a new breed for 4 generations, continue to cross with Pyrenean mountain dogs to create Leonberger breeds.

Một chú chó Leonberger đang đứng trên bãi cỏ

With a height of 68 to 79 cm and a weight of 77 kg, the Leonberger is considered a giant family dog. Their main goal is to be a companion to anyone. Leonberger does an excellent job of underwater rescue or livestock watch.

Price: $ 1500-2000

Irish Wolf Hound

Like the Scottish Hound, the Irish Wolfhound was bred to be a breed capable of fighting horses. People want them to be able to hunt wild wolves in the forest. Irish dogs were developed from hunting dogs in Ireland from 7000 BC.

Chó săn sói Ailen đứng trên bãi cỏ trong một cuộc thi chó

This new breed is actually the largest medium size in the dog family (even surpassing the Great Dane). According to the standard documents of the breed, their minimum height reaches 81.28 cm for males and 76.2 cm for females. Remember, these steps are just the bare minimum. Males of this breed are typically 88.9cm tall and weigh around 63kg.

Irish-Wolfhound đứng cạnh con lừa

English clams can be as big as a small horse, but to eat nothing compared to Irish wolves, they can be as big as a donkey.

Giá bán: 1800 – 2000$

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