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Japan designed a beautiful space airport like a dream

Spaceport City space airport located in Tokyo is expected to be operational within the next 10 years.

Companies like Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and SpaceX are entering the commercial space flight market. SpaceX, in particular, is teaming up with Space Adventures in the United States to bring a small group of tourists into space in early 2021.

When flights like this become reality, passengers can depart from space airports. It is a new transport station that combines space travel with self-driving cars, research, entertainment and futuristic architecture.

The design of Spaceport City is a proposal from the Japan Aerospace Airport Association (SPJ), media company Dentsu, design company Canaria and architect de Noiz.

According to the proposal, Tokyo Airport will operate a two-hour commercial shuttle service, bringing passengers to a height of 100 km before returning to Earth. The space shuttle will launch from an upright position like a conventional airplane, instead of a rocket taking off high.

Passengers must arrive first for physical checks and training for 3 days. Staff will pick them up on the day of departure by limousine and drive them to the boarding gate.

Spaceport City will function as a base for space research and affairs. The place will also be used to host international shows and conferences. In addition, Spaceport City also includes hotel, 4D cinema, swimming pool, art museum, gym, aquarium. The restaurant and farm will also sell food for the astronauts, including insects, seaweed, and vegetarian meat.

Most roofs covered with solar cells will “float” above the entire building and two stories above a large plaza. The complex is divided into different areas, depending on security requirements. The area will consist of two large towers, one for visitors and the other for visitors.

The whole project will be a small ecosystem with intelligent transport systems such as self-driving cars, self-propelled trains and electric scooters. SPJ hopes that the airport in Japan will be operational within the next 10 years. To do this, the association is joining forces with dozens of companies such as Mitsubishi, Airbus Japan and Japanese Airlines.

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