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It’s not too late to save the planet, but swift action is needed

It’s not too late, we have a little more time. However, the Earth is still in danger, forcing all to act urgently.

Recently, the journal Nature Geoscience published a somewhat … incredible study. That the world can now completely limit the rise in temperature in accordance with the Paris agreement on the prevention of climate change signed in 2015 is committed.

Concretely, according to the agreement, the global must join hands so that in 2018, the temperature rise remains only 1.5 ° C. But according to this study, we can do even more, that is to say – say less than that.

Chưa quá muộn để cứu lấy hành tinh này, nhưng cần hành động thật nhanh - Ảnh 1.

The deal’s goal is to keep global temperatures just below 1.5 degrees Celsius

Before this study, there was a lot of opinion that it is very difficult to achieve the goal. As Professor Michael Grubb of University College London (UK) said in 2015, the rate of increase in greenhouse gases will make the 1.5 ° C target impossible.

However, it was Grubb, with new technology, who changed his mind. He is the co-author of this study and therefore believes that the goal is within reach.

Specifically, the study found that climate models from many previous reports assessed the CO2 limit for reaching the 1.5 ° C threshold as too high. In fact, given the current growth rates of greenhouse gas emissions, it will take about 20 years to reach that level. In other words, saving the planet still has time before facing a real climate crisis.

It does not mean that we are safe. The world continues to heat up very quickly and therefore the extreme climates, the extreme storms that we have experienced in recent years. It’s just that, we have a little more time, adding more opportunities for low income countries to participate in the defense of the Earth.

Chưa quá muộn để cứu lấy hành tinh này, nhưng cần hành động thật nhanh - Ảnh 3.

“Our analysis shows that the possibility of a threshold limit of 1.5 ° C is not entirely unreasonable” – concluded Grubb. However, he also said it was still not an easy target.

“We still need the cooperation of all nations on Earth to avoid the risk of an abnormal rise in temperature.” He said countries should take action to prevent potential risks to the economy, technology and politics from climate change.

And finally, the most important thing that Grubb puts forward: this is just a study! Even if science is doing its best, the possibilities for research are skewed. And if this research is really wrong and the previous studies are correct, then Earth is out of time.

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