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Incredible 2 paradoxical planets and like the world in the movie “Star Wars”

Danish scientists have found the most exotic star system in the universe with two huge planets, located in the middle of the constellation Libra, 897 light years from us.

According to an article published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, this star system has three stars, all of them enormous. More specifically the main star K2-290A, an F-type star with a mass 1.2 times and a radius of 1.5 times our Sun.

Near it are two secondary stars, named K2-290B, a red dwarf star of 113 astronomical units (AU, 1 AU of the distance from the Sun to the Earth); and K2-190C, also an M-type red dwarf, at 2,467 AU.

Around the main star K2-290A are two large planets, all of which are gas planets. The first planet K2-290Ab is a “hot Neptune”, three times the radius of Earth. The second planet is “hot Jupiter”, with a radius 11.3 times that of Earth. One year above them, respectively, is 9.2 days and 48.2 days on Earth.

But the most shocking thing the spectral data has revealed is that the direction of the parent star is completely opposite to the orbits of the two planets! The disk of protoplanets in this star system is also oddly tilted, tilted 124 degrees, not straight, like the solar system and most other similar worlds in the universe.

According to the analysis cited in Sci-News, this series of bizarre phenomena may be caused by the effects of secondary stars in the star system, and it is the axial deflection of the protoplanet that creates “retrograde motion” between the star system. star and the “child”.

The fact that this is a triple star system with a planet is strange enough. Last year, another team also discovered a planet with three of these “suns” and named it “Tatoonie”, which is the name of a fictional planet with three suns in the movie War of Interstellar star “( Star Wars).

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