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Impressions de la lune bleue

The blue moon is an interesting astronomical phenomenon. So what is this mysterious phenomenon? Is the moon really blue?

Hiện tượng Trăng xanh

Like “Super Moon”, Blue Moon is a rare phenomenon in Ms. Hang, but little known to the public. Here is what you need to know about this full moon phenomenon.

What is a blue moon?

Mr. Dang Vu Tuan Son, Association of Young Astronomy Vietnam said: Seasonal blue moon refers to the third full moon in four full moons in a season. According to this calculation, there will be a blue season moon every 3 years. The last time was August 20, 2013 and the next time was May 21, 2016. One-month blue moon refers to the second full moon of a calendar month.

As we all know, the lunar phase is 29.53 days. So for months with 30 or 31 days, if the full moon falls on the 1st, 30th or 31st of this month will repeat this phase of the Moon. The second full moon of the month will be called the blue moon. The blue moon of the month is more likely than the blue moon of the season, it will appear once every 2.5 years.

By combining the two definitions above, a full moon is counted as a blue moon every more than one year.

Trăng Xanh ở Columbia (Mỹ)

Interesting things on the blue moon

It’s not really blue: in fact, the name Blue Moon has nothing to do with the color of the moon. At times, the full moon can be a light red color.

There are two definitions of Blue Moon: The term Blue Moon was originally given to the 3rd Full Moon of the Four Moons, but after a fallout in Sky & Telescope magazine in 1943, it resumed. another meaning. The magazine article incorrectly defined a blue moon as the second full moon in a month, but sadly that definition persists to this day.

Trăng không hề có màu xanh như tên gọi

Blue Moon has many names: Today the full moon is also known by names like Sturgeon Full Moon Day, Blue Corn Moon, Cereal Moon and Red Full Moon … Each full moon name in August is named according to the traditions of North American Indians and Europeans.

The moon is only full for a moment: although the moon appears full the night before and the night after, it is technically full for only a short time, not long.

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