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I discovered that the super earth could be very close to us

(NLO) – Another “solar system” named Gilese 1061 has up to 3 super-earths, of which 1 super-earth can be a near-perfect enlarged copy of our planet.

A group of scientists led by Professor Georg Drezler of the University of Georg-August (Germany) identified a star named Gilese 1061 as the center of a single “solar system” with three planets. In terms of proximity to the sun, Gilese 1061 is the 20th star listed.

Gilese 1061 is a red dwarf star with a mass of only 0.12 solar mass, 7 years old and much less active than our mother star. However, its “children” are 3 huge super-earths and have a mass of 1.4 to 1.8 times that of the earth.

The most notable of these three is Gilese 1061d, a rocky planet located entirely within the habitable zone of its mother star and possibly with oceans resembling oceans. With a mass of about 1.7 times the Earth and energy equivalent to that of the Sun, scientists believe it has an equilibrium temperature like the Earth.

In other words, Gilese 1061d could be a living alien. Remarkably, the Gilese 1061 planetary system is only 12 light years away from us, a distance close to never-before-discovered exoplanets. This distance is a great opportunity for scientists to learn more about this super habitable earth.

The biggest difference is that in Gilese 1061d a year only lasts 13 Earth days because it is close to the parent star. But this is accidentally the right distance for him to get enough energy from his mother, because as analyzed, Gilese 1061 is very weak. This habitable super-earth is also the most distant planet from its mother in the Gilese 1061 system.

The detailed research will be published in the next issue of the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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